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"Thank You VARDĀN - The science of Functional Manual Therapy just blows my mind besides curing my pain. Charles and Jevene, you guys are miracle workers! India is going to be fitter and pain free cause of you! Best wishes to the entire team!! Cheers and all my love!"

Hrithik Roshan, Actor, India


Virender Sehwag, Cricketer, India

VARDĀN is a very good institute. I am taking treatment regularly at VARDĀN and I am benefitting, especially when I had my second shoulder surgery. I took a lot of treatment for my shoulder surgery and it helped me a lot because I didn’t recover on time but then thanks to VARDĀN , when I got treatment from their physiotherapist, I got better and was fit to play the IPL.

There are a lot of good physios in VARDĀN who were looking after me. One of them is Charles and then there is Shashikant.

They have a very good set up for Physical Therapy, for Gym, for Pilates. I come here regularly for Pilates and for my treatment with the physios. Their FMT (Functional Manual Therapy) is different from the others because I have taken treatment from many physios – from Indian physios, Australians, South African and English physios, etc, but the kind of treatment that I am getting here, I haven’t got anywhere else in the world. I am lucky that I live in Delhi and that VARDĀN is also in Delhi.

Meenu Singh

I had a very long and chronic pain in my feet for almost 2 to 3 years while the reason was not known to me why this pain was happening but this was becoming more of a routine affair and I started living with it. I was suggested a visit to Vardan as it had a different technique and a different way of treating the pain management while the regular physiotherapists were always injecting vitamins B12 and D into me and then there used to be only temporary relief only for the moment.

After my visit to Vardan then I was assigned to Mr Anshul who treated me for almost an year and my quality of life has improved quite a lot not only relief from pain but also joy in walking again. The journey from pain to relief has been a big learning for me as Mr Anshul during his treatment not only helped me get relieved from pain but also a lot of lifestyle changes and exercises were suggested that added to my own elixir of life.

My only learning after my visit to Vardan has been one should never live in pain but should look out for a good and permanent solution to a better pain-free life which I had been able to find and living now. Thank you Vardan ……thank you Mr Anshul !!!

Saloni Mehrotra

I am glad and fortunate that I came to VARDAN. I have to thank Dr. Siddharth Sahni my oncologist to refer. Thanks Mamta for the 1st experience, Jane, Firuza & Chandra. Thanks to the team VARDAN to help me recover.

Vibha Arora

6 months back when I was struggling with acute stiffness in left leg and unbearable pain, I started taking treatment from Vardan. The problem I had been suffering for long started with a fever in 2016 that left me with continuous pain in joints which lasted for 4-5 months. I was able to manage things but still had discomfort. In Aug, 2017, I had again fever for 2-3 days after which I started feeling trouble while walking. Slowly things were getting worse and within a week, the problem turned out so acute that my routine movements were hampered. I had continuous pain and stiffness in left leg and I was not able to stand, sit or walk. My every effort to take even a single step filled me with unbearable pain and I literally started limping. At that time, my friend convinced me to consult Dr. Anshul at Vardan. She herself had taken treatment there some time back.

Dr Anshul took account of my condition, explained the treatment mechanism and started with treatment. He explained that RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) cannot be treated here and I have to continue taking medication to ease out the external symptoms but he can definitely help me to overcome my problem through internal healing. I used to visit Vardan twice a week initially. However, due to severity of my condition, the result was not very encouraging. I thought of giving up but Dr.Anshul convinced me to continue and I am happy I heeded to the advice of Dr. Anshul. With continued medications and sessions at Vardan, I could feel the difference and by the beginning of Dec, I started walking near to normal.

Another major breakthrough was regaining slight movement in my wrists which I was not able to move for years due to RA. I am still continuing the treatment and visiting Vardan once in a month.

Many thanks to Dr.Anshul for having helped me to restore my mobility and taking me out of the depressing situation I was in.

Priya Uppal

My orthopaedic referred me to Vardan in May’16.Before coming to Vardan I had chronic stomach pain for 1 year which was due twisted back bone with a pushed nerve. Doctors had already suggested me surgery for the same. At Vardan I started taking FMT sessions with exercise. I was given few home exercises as well. Now, my back pain has vanished completely and I happy that too without any surgery. Within 2 weeks of treatment at Vardan my stomach ache also stopped. I feel more active and flexible now. I feel 95% better now. The treatment at Vardan is really helpful and beneficial for all.

Abhishek Poddar

I had chronic pain from my neck to the shoulder area for a while. A friend saw me holding my neck and persuaded me to FMT at Vardan. Jevene worked on it and it felt so much better that I went back to her again. I would say that FMT was truly addictive — I was hooked! Then last October I got a bad cold and cough, due to which, believe it or not, I got a slipped disc! Once again, thanks to Vardan, the problem was dealt with effectively. Their expert manipulation with their bare hands is not only effective, it is also very comfortable as it is non-invasive. I would say that what three weeks of therapy in Bangalore could not do, I got done in one session with Adam! That is because FMT is a science and the therapists have thorough knowledge of the body — far more than what conventional physical therapists in India have — and the effect of that is apparent. They really know their stuff. Not only did they deal with my slipped disc, they have also taught me how to make sure I live better, more efficiently. For instance, I know now how to sleep, how to walk, even how to cough! And I feel so much better — and that is what counts at the end of the day!

Mr Poddar came to Vardan in July with sudden onset of severe neck pain, very limited ability to turn his head to the left, and pain radiating down his left arm. He had one previous episode of similar pain that was treated with conventinal physiotherapy (US, traction, exercises) that resolved his pain, but then this second episode occurred.

The cause of this pain was due to weak muscles of stabilization in the neck, as well as limited movement in the upper thoracic spine, which contributed to excessive sheering and compressive forces going into one disc in his neck. He also had muscle spasms, and an elevated first rib.With manual therapy we improved soft tissue mobility and thoracic spine motion, corrected first rib position, then addressed his posture and gave him stabilization exercises. MrPoddar was 90% better after the second visit, and at beginning of third visit reported he was was completely pain free.

Aakriti Mamgain

As we approach the end of our sessions, I wanted to pen down my thoughts on the entire process that we went through.

For some one like me who has been suffering from chronic pain for over 4 years & tried all sorts of treatments with doctors telling me there is nothing majorly wrong with me however, at the same time, were completely at loss on explaining as to why I was in pain & how I could manage it!

First and foremost, what I really liked about your approach was that you went to great lengths in helping me understand the “why” *& “how” of the pain. You ensured that I had all the resources that I needed to understand pain & helped me move from a state of complete helplessness & frustration to being in control and in charge.

As a therapist, beside taking care of the mechanical aspect of my pain (& you are great at that), you have helped build my confidence in dealing with my situation & used different methods to help me feel good about making progress, however small it was to start with. Also you were very open to hearing me out, exploring options along with me & I saw you constantly recalibrating my progress (at a certain point you even referred me to another therapist just to check that we were on the right track with regards to treatment) so that it works for me. So while I know I will take time to get completely pain free, you have put me safely on the road to getting pain free. All thanks to you, today I feel much more confident in managing myself & my well being.

You have been a terrific therapist & a wonderful person!

I wish you all the best & success in your career … & I hope you continue to heal folks like me!

Aseem Agarwal

Where to start… the best therapy is a fine tuning between the patient and the therapist. I have been a client with Vardan for the past 7 years or more. Ever since I was assigned Jatin as my physiotherapist there has been no looking back. To begin with he is the best there at his craft. He prepared me well by strengthening my muscles for my SDR surgery in America and post-surgery I couldn’t trust anyone else with my rehabilitation and I gladly say that he has taken utmost care and pain to make sure that I benefit from my surgery. Moreover he is very motivating when I am down and has built my confidence and strengthened my muscles to take on life better. He is amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who seeks best physio care in town.

Ananya Mishra

Ananya, my daughter was all of 8 months when the doctor declared her as a “special-child” and diagnosed the condition as “cerebral-palsy” because of which her motor skills would forever be affected. It plainly meant that Ananya would need help all the time in every ordinary life activity including one major thing: independent walking. Rushing from one doctor to another, being one of the many crying and wailing C.P patients who were literally forced to do Neuro- developmental exercises passively in cramped little physiotherapy centres of Mumbai, Ananya obviously had a tough time.

We first entered Vardan in 2013 when we shifted to Delhi. Starting from the Receptionists to the doctor-therapists, everyone exuded a healing touch, reassurance and above all; confidence. I remember the first time Ananya had a therapy session with Mike Binet, she just couldn’t stop laughing. FMT was so much fun!

From being a 8 month old baby to a 12 year old girl it’s been a long journey for Ananya, but thanks to FMT from friendly and enthusiastic therapists at Vardan, she has now, started walking on her own. She can even climb up and down stairs without aid now. Her posture, sense of balance and gait is already tremendously better.

Ananya is a fighter. Along with our new found family at Vardan coupled with the strengthening set of exercises of FMT, she looks forward to being much more stronger and efficient in times to come. Thank you Vardan.

Neeru Lagwal

I know Vardan since 2012 when I came here with continuing back pain. I was on high dosage of medicines at that time. My pain used to increase while travelling or doing any other bending activity. However, post taking sessions at Vardan my medicines have stopped, I can sit without pain and can do any activity without help. Now, I have been put on supervised exercise to strengthen my back and to prevent any further wear & tear. There is lot of improvement in my health and body. I feel happy to be associated with Vardan for so many years that have made my life pain free.

Karuna Ahuja

I came to VARDĀN for back pain treatment. Akansha (my therapist) has been a fantastic, co-operative, supportive & a dedicated therapist. It is because of her hard work that I have fully recovered today.

I wish her good luck. Thanks to VARDĀN.