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Meenu Singh

I had a very long and chronic pain in my feet for almost 2 to 3 years while the reason was not known to me why this pain was happening but this was becoming more of a routine affair and I started living with it. I was suggested a visit to Vardan as it had a different technique and a different way of treating the pain management while the regular physiotherapists were always injecting vitamins B12 and D into me and then there used to be only temporary relief only for the moment.

After my visit to Vardan then I was assigned to Mr Anshul who treated me for almost an year and my quality of life has improved quite a lot not only relief from pain but also joy in walking again. The journey from pain to relief has been a big learning for me as Mr Anshul during his treatment not only helped me get relieved from pain but also a lot of lifestyle changes and exercises were suggested that added to my own elixir of life.

My only learning after my visit to Vardan has been one should never live in pain but should look out for a good and permanent solution to a better pain-free life which I had been able to find and living now. Thank you Vardan ……thank you Mr Anshul !!!

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