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Vibha Arora

6 months back when I was struggling with acute stiffness in left leg and unbearable pain, I started taking treatment from Vardan. The problem I had been suffering for long started with a fever in 2016 that left me with continuous pain in joints which lasted for 4-5 months. I was able to manage things but still had discomfort. In Aug, 2017, I had again fever for 2-3 days after which I started feeling trouble while walking. Slowly things were getting worse and within a week, the problem turned out so acute that my routine movements were hampered. I had continuous pain and stiffness in left leg and I was not able to stand, sit or walk. My every effort to take even a single step filled me with unbearable pain and I literally started limping. At that time, my friend convinced me to consult Dr. Anshul at Vardan. She herself had taken treatment there some time back.

Dr Anshul took account of my condition, explained the treatment mechanism and started with treatment. He explained that RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) cannot be treated here and I have to continue taking medication to ease out the external symptoms but he can definitely help me to overcome my problem through internal healing. I used to visit Vardan twice a week initially. However, due to severity of my condition, the result was not very encouraging. I thought of giving up but Dr.Anshul convinced me to continue and I am happy I heeded to the advice of Dr. Anshul. With continued medications and sessions at Vardan, I could feel the difference and by the beginning of Dec, I started walking near to normal.

Another major breakthrough was regaining slight movement in my wrists which I was not able to move for years due to RA. I am still continuing the treatment and visiting Vardan once in a month.

Many thanks to Dr.Anshul for having helped me to restore my mobility and taking me out of the depressing situation I was in.

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