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Aakriti Mamgain

As we approach the end of our sessions, I wanted to pen down my thoughts on the entire process that we went through.

For some one like me who has been suffering from chronic pain for over 4 years & tried all sorts of treatments with doctors telling me there is nothing majorly wrong with me however, at the same time, were completely at loss on explaining as to why I was in pain & how I could manage it!

First and foremost, what I really liked about your approach was that you went to great lengths in helping me understand the “why” *& “how” of the pain. You ensured that I had all the resources that I needed to understand pain & helped me move from a state of complete helplessness & frustration to being in control and in charge.

As a therapist, beside taking care of the mechanical aspect of my pain (& you are great at that), you have helped build my confidence in dealing with my situation & used different methods to help me feel good about making progress, however small it was to start with. Also you were very open to hearing me out, exploring options along with me & I saw you constantly recalibrating my progress (at a certain point you even referred me to another therapist just to check that we were on the right track with regards to treatment) so that it works for me. So while I know I will take time to get completely pain free, you have put me safely on the road to getting pain free. All thanks to you, today I feel much more confident in managing myself & my well being.

You have been a terrific therapist & a wonderful person!

I wish you all the best & success in your career … & I hope you continue to heal folks like me!

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