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Abhishek Poddar

I had chronic pain from my neck to the shoulder area for a while. A friend saw me holding my neck and persuaded me to FMT at Vardan. Jevene worked on it and it felt so much better that I went back to her again. I would say that FMT was truly addictive — I was hooked! Then last October I got a bad cold and cough, due to which, believe it or not, I got a slipped disc! Once again, thanks to Vardan, the problem was dealt with effectively. Their expert manipulation with their bare hands is not only effective, it is also very comfortable as it is non-invasive. I would say that what three weeks of therapy in Bangalore could not do, I got done in one session with Adam! That is because FMT is a science and the therapists have thorough knowledge of the body — far more than what conventional physical therapists in India have — and the effect of that is apparent. They really know their stuff. Not only did they deal with my slipped disc, they have also taught me how to make sure I live better, more efficiently. For instance, I know now how to sleep, how to walk, even how to cough! And I feel so much better — and that is what counts at the end of the day!

Mr Poddar came to Vardan in July with sudden onset of severe neck pain, very limited ability to turn his head to the left, and pain radiating down his left arm. He had one previous episode of similar pain that was treated with conventinal physiotherapy (US, traction, exercises) that resolved his pain, but then this second episode occurred.

The cause of this pain was due to weak muscles of stabilization in the neck, as well as limited movement in the upper thoracic spine, which contributed to excessive sheering and compressive forces going into one disc in his neck. He also had muscle spasms, and an elevated first rib.With manual therapy we improved soft tissue mobility and thoracic spine motion, corrected first rib position, then addressed his posture and gave him stabilization exercises. MrPoddar was 90% better after the second visit, and at beginning of third visit reported he was was completely pain free.

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