16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi​

"Thank You VARDĀN - The science of Functional Manual Therapy just blows my mind besides curing my pain. Charles and Jevene, you guys are miracle workers! India is going to be fitter and pain free cause of you! Best wishes to the entire team!! Cheers and all my love!"

Hrithik Roshan, Actor, India


Virender Sehwag, Cricketer, India

VARDĀN is a very good institute. I am taking treatment regularly at VARDĀN and I am benefitting, especially when I had my second shoulder surgery. I took a lot of treatment for my shoulder surgery and it helped me a lot because I didn’t recover on time but then thanks to VARDĀN , when I got treatment from their physiotherapist, I got better and was fit to play the IPL.

There are a lot of good physios in VARDĀN who were looking after me. One of them is Charles and then there is Shashikant.

They have a very good set up for Physical Therapy, for Gym, for Pilates. I come here regularly for Pilates and for my treatment with the physios. Their FMT (Functional Manual Therapy) is different from the others because I have taken treatment from many physios – from Indian physios, Australians, South African and English physios, etc, but the kind of treatment that I am getting here, I haven’t got anywhere else in the world. I am lucky that I live in Delhi and that VARDĀN is also in Delhi.

Navin Singhal

My back pain is 100% vanished. The techniques employed at VARDĀN are unique as well as amazingly performing very well. My therapist (Swati) is very professional and was able to diagnosis. I am grateful & highly indebted to VARDĀN who resolved my long persisting problem in a matter of few days

P S Bisht

I was under pain of shoulder freezing in my right hand and it was not moving freely. My Physical Therapist Anshul took my pain away in just 4-5 sessions, then I started taking treatment of my back pain, this is again almost cured. Reception staff was very kind to inform my appointments date and time which was helpful to be on schedule as I am mostly remain very busy in my work. My sessions with Anshul were very pleasant, I enjoyed treatment and perhaps this technique of treatment is unique. I really praise Vardan as it has become a real Vardan to me

Ashish Singhal

I was referred to VARDĀN in June’16 by a friend for treatment of back pain. I had taken a gap for some time as I was traveling due to personal reasons. When I first came to VARDĀN I had severe concerns in my back and the pain was radiating to my legs. I couldn’t stand for more than 5mins and couldn’t bend at all. I couldn’t even wear my trousers myself comfortably or tie my shoe lace. I had started getting better after few sessions at VARDĀN but now my pain has come up again as I skipped sessions for few months. I will now continue my sessions and hope to recover completely soon.

Garima Jain

I wanted to thank Namrata for helping me recover from my back pain which I had from a very long time. I used to set back for so many things because of the pain. God used your magical healing hands to remove all the pains, and I can now go out as usual doing what I love to do.

Would also like to mention that she is a great therapist with the appropriate knowledge. Very humble and patient in nature while understanding all that I need.

I am sure she will heal my wrist twisting and those painful cramps with best FMT techniques treatment.

Thanks once again for the fantastic recovery.

Aditya Jain

I came to VARDĀN in Aug’16 for treatment of back pain. I already knew about VARDĀN as I had visited this centre sometime ago. Before coming to VARDĀN I had visited several places for treatment as I had regular stiffness in back and stretch in the spine. I am taking FMT sessions now pain has decreased a lot and I am in mode of improvement. I am hopeful about getting completely recovered as VARDĀN is one name in physiotherapy that I can trust on.

Sima Das Sharma

I started coming to VARDĀN with critical back pain which was well treated at VARDĀN. Now I come for treatment in my knee. I have osteoarthritis and have been suggested medicines by the doctors. Post treatment at VARDĀN my medicines have stopped and knee pain is almost gone. Thanks to VARDĀN for really affecting our lives in such positive manner through their amazing services and treatment.

Ankit Batra

I had started coming to Vardan 2years ago. I was bed ridden due to severe back pain before coming here.Post taking 3-4 therapy sessions at Vardan I got recovered.

To strengthen my body and core muscles post recovery I joined pilates.Now I have been taking posture correction sessions for both standing & sitting.

This is basically to avoid backache trigger again due to my lifestyle that is quiet sedentary. I realise posture improvement is important as I slouch & most of my work involves sitting for long hours.I find posture correction an integral source of treatment.

Kapil Bagadia

I came to VARDĀN in Apr’15 for treatment of neck & back pain. I have prolonged neck pain around 12 years old and back pain that started one year ago prior coming to VARDĀN. I had acute pain while sitting throughout the day. But treatment has VARDĀN has improved my ailment a lot. My therapist (Steven) worked hard on me since first day. Earlier sitting was a challenge but now it has improved a lot and I can feel recovery from pain.

Suma Shirur

I have been in the profession for 18 years, and after an injury last year I got a backache that just grew and grew. It hurt specially when I trained so I took a break from shooting, and even exercising. I went to other physical therapists, but their treatment helped only a little as the pain would return the moment I took up my rifle and got into position. It was clearly specific to my profession as there was no pain at other times. I got depressed as I thought my shooting career was over.

Then I heard about Vardan from a fellow Olympian. As you know, every sport has its own dangers. FM therapists told me the pain was due to misalignment and pressure on my vertebrae, triggered by my injury. It got aggravated when I got into my posture as the rifle is 5.5kg and we train up to 4 hours at a time! Initially even with FMT the pain would return, but slowly I could stand longer and take more shots. FM therapy, I realize is very specific, from analysis to treatment.

My therapist identified the exact spot on my back without even an X-ray – using just his hands – and treated it at its root! During and after my 12 sessions he gave me very specific exercises for particular areas to gradually strengthen my muscles and improve my posture. Now that I am pain-free, my head is clear, I feel so much more positive about my career – no question of quitting any more – and my whole life. And I am so happy that I didn’t have to go abroad for this treatment!

Ambuj Kumar

I started coming to VARDĀN in June 2015 for the treatment of cervical spondylitis. I had immense pain in the arm that was triggering pain in my back and neck. I couldn’t stretch my arm and had tingling in my fingers. After FMT sessions at VARDĀN I am 95% fine. I have been trained on regular home exercises by my therapist.