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"Thank You VARDĀN - The science of Functional Manual Therapy just blows my mind besides curing my pain. Charles and Jevene, you guys are miracle workers! India is going to be fitter and pain free cause of you! Best wishes to the entire team!! Cheers and all my love!"

Hrithik Roshan, Actor, India


Virender Sehwag, Cricketer, India

VARDĀN is a very good institute. I am taking treatment regularly at VARDĀN and I am benefitting, especially when I had my second shoulder surgery. I took a lot of treatment for my shoulder surgery and it helped me a lot because I didn’t recover on time but then thanks to VARDĀN , when I got treatment from their physiotherapist, I got better and was fit to play the IPL.

There are a lot of good physios in VARDĀN who were looking after me. One of them is Charles and then there is Shashikant.

They have a very good set up for Physical Therapy, for Gym, for Pilates. I come here regularly for Pilates and for my treatment with the physios. Their FMT (Functional Manual Therapy) is different from the others because I have taken treatment from many physios – from Indian physios, Australians, South African and English physios, etc, but the kind of treatment that I am getting here, I haven’t got anywhere else in the world. I am lucky that I live in Delhi and that VARDĀN is also in Delhi.

Shilpika Bordoloi

Dear Jevene,

I am being treated for my rt knee by Ekta.

The treatment process has been interesting for me. Am a dancer and this pain on my right knee comes up quite often, after a rigorous few days or winter! Initially it was an accident in 2009 that started. So initially in the sessions with Ekta i was taken aback with the pain at the time of treatment. But yes it did feel lighter the very next day. And i think after a few visits finally was that one day when i really felt no pain even in the deep squat. Post that pain-free knee moment! i have had another session. Anyways at the moment the pain is back and i confess that am not being very disciplined with the specific exercises i have been asked to do or maybe i need a bit more treatment.

I think Ekta has been a dedicated Therapist. I like her presence and the energy she carries for the process. She appears involved and all the touching is never uncomfortable. She makes an effort to articulate the treatment and has managed to get a lot of my trust.

As a dancer i think i really like what has happened so far and hope my knee pain will get treated forever. And i wld definitely like to be treated in this process on a regular pace even after knee is solved. Just for a regular alignment check! and i wld be happy to go with Ekta for the same.


Sheria Irani

I was suffering from lower back pain and knee pain when I came to Vardan. I was unable to climb stairs before I started coming to Vardan. I read the article in the newspaper and was convinced enough to approach Vardan for treatment. I had not undergone any treatment before as I didn’t have faith in what other treatments offered.

My pain was due injuries caused during exercising at the gym. I was diagnosed that my knee, pelvic area and L4 & L5 needed treatment.

My knee was mobilized, muscles of the spine were treated and alignment of the tailbone was corrected. I was taught core strengthening exercises, knee strengthening exercises, exercises of thigh flexibility, correct walking pattern and correct way to exercise in the gym.

Now I have zero pain and have started fully exercising in the gym as well.

Laxmi Arora

Let me start off by introducing myself I am Laxmi arora, age-62 with no prior experience of taking physio sessions

My journey with VARDĀN started around June 19 and like others I never wanted to continue for long but Aishwarya made sure that I was comfortable in the start and henceforth.

I had extreme knee and back pain from last few years and in a matter of 3-4 weeks Aishwarya’s expertise helped reduce my pain. I couldn’t praise her enough for all the patience and care (first at VARDĀN and now during online sessions at home). She would always explain what each exercise and movement was for. Right from adjusting my schedule to excellent attention, quality of care was commendable.

Undoubtedly my pain areas were addressed rightly and I feel much better with noticeable improvements. Just wanted to conclude saying thanks to Aishwarya and everyone at VARDĀN. Hopeful of a much longer association.

God bless you for your efforts and attention.

Kamal Jeet Gupta

I was beyond impressed with my experience at VARDĀN. I came here with pain in my both knees and a lot of discomfort while walking. I was advised to undergo Knee Replacement by Doctor but I was delighted by the therapy provided by the therapists at VARDĀN especially, Prashant and Mamta. Therapists at VARDĀN have great knowledge of Anatomy and exercise sciences, and in each session they do a complete assessment to customize the treatment plan at individual level, which has built my trust on the therapists at VARDĀN. I am now able to walk for a longer pain-free duration with better strength in my leg muscles. The overall quality of my life has significantly improved. My heartfelt thanks to Prashant & Mamta for helping me out with a pain-free and efficient living. VARDĀN takes an holistic view of the body & helps us to make it work the way it should

Indeevar Krishna

For a golfer I am “extremely stiff”, and blessed with pains in one or both knees, and/or lower back, ankle, neck, over the last one year, affecting my game and my overall ability to walk and run. I trusted a good friend’s advice and enrolled at VARDAN. I have been undergoing treatment for the last two months, for my left knee and lower back. For the first time I am “relaxed” about my body movements. I am more fluid and flexible now, and “not afraid” of doing exercises that once were impossible to do. I have already played two rounds of limited golf, while the treatment is on, and delighted to see that the improvement is “sustainable”. I have had an inguinal hernia operation two years back, but Dr Swati and team have been careful about the condition during their treatment. A big thanks to them for restoring my hope to return to active sport. While each session is expensive, I understand it is not just a routine physiotherapy. This “functional manual therapy” requires exceptional practical knowledge of the body. For the expertise of specialists like Dr Swati, Dr Sakar, DR Mayank and for the infrastructure and overall service excellence, I think the pricing is appropriate. However, for long term customers, there must be attractive pricing schemes. I also request that you have three days per week at Gurgaon centre.

Thank You Team VARDAN.

Ajay Kumar Jain

My knee pain started over three years ago and I had some difficulty in walking, as well as, in climbing the stairs. I consulted one of New Delhi’s top hospital who took my X-Ray’s and advised me knee surgery. I was mentally not prepared for the same as I felt that there must be some alternatives to knee surgery. Then, I contacted my neighbourhood physiotherapists and was advised the classical exercises. I was not satisfied with their advice as I was in search for some scientific and systematic treatment. In my search for a proper solution, I landed at Vardan.

Here, I met the therapists and was told the gap in the knee joint cannot be changed through exercises but with proper and regular exercises, the knee pain can be arrested. Since then, I have been visiting Vardan and regularly exercising for three times a week. Due to these exercises my knee pain is dormant. Apart, from the knee, my therapists have been focussing on strengthening my all muscles and improving my flexibility. I have found that the therapist here at Vardan to be very knowledgeable, experienced, sincere and hardworking.

Today, I am able to walk and climb the stairs faster than people of my age which is thanks to Vardan

Priyanka Jain

It has been a great experience getting treated at Vardan. Tanu, my therapist is no less than an angel for me. She has helped me recover so well from my knee pain. It’s only because of her I am able to avoid the surgery. She has helped me enjoy every moment with my family again. Because of her, I could even dance when I couldn’t even walk.

I will be always thankful to her and especially our neighbour Major Rana uncle who referred her to us.

Thank you Tanu for being so focussed and dedicated towards your patients.

Thanks a ton

Ms. Jogesh S Kumar

I have a long association with VARDAN. I came to VARDAN in May 2015 for knee pain. Before coming to VARDAN, I could hardly walk and climb stairs. Doctor had advised me knee replacement surgery. One of my friend recommended VARDAN to me so I decided to postpone my surgery and started taking FMT and exercise sessions with Garima.  She had explained me that my knees were in bad shape because of severe arthritis and dysfunction in hips. I wasn’t even able to bend my legs to do stationary cycling. And thus, she had advised that I should opt for surgery but after taking few weeks of treatment and exercise sessions as that would help me recover better. She worked very hard on correcting my body’s alignment, muscle toning and gaining overall strength which actually helped me in the long run. She treated my knees and my hips and I was walking better even before my surgery. Garima knows her job well and exhibits commitment and professionalism, which is commendable. After 4 months, I had undergone knee replacement surgery and then came back to VARDAN for post-surgery rehabilitation. I took sessions with Garima and with all the hard work, I am able to do everything I wanted to, without any hindrance because of my knee pain. The secret of my recovery is VARDAN and not surgery. Now I lead a normal happy life and feel confident in referring people to this place (including my husband).

“VARDAN change lives” –Ms. Jogesh S Kumar

Abhishek Rathi

I have had a very knowledgeable therapist (Swati). She quickly identified the source of my problem and in some cases provided immediate relief. I am happy with VARDAN services.

Dr. Mrs. Manoshi Das

Vardan is a place that truly lives up to its name. A year ago, I was suffering from acute pain in my legs and was told that injections followed by surgery would be required.

At that time, my daughter and my physician, Dr. Ravinder Paul, both suggested Vardan.

That was a day, full of pain and worry, and today is an entirely new day with a spring in my step! With its careful therapy and step by step treatments, Vardan has reduced my pain significantly and given me new freedom of movement.

At Vardan, therapist Tanu understands my problem and has taken me through therapy, exercises and FMT™  very carefully. Today, I am able to almost completely go off the significant number of painkillers I used to take earlier. Vardan has given me renewed flexibility and the freedom to walk and climb with ease (I have always loved walking), as well as undertake long-distance work related travel. Between its deeply committed therapists and its very caring culture, Vardan is an incredibly special place. Its facilities are world-class, as is the hard work and focus therapists like Tanu bring to their work.

Vive la Vardan! More power to you always! Thank you for adding so much well-being, happiness and strength to my life!