16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi​

Indeevar Krishna

For a golfer I am “extremely stiff”, and blessed with pains in one or both knees, and/or lower back, ankle, neck, over the last one year, affecting my game and my overall ability to walk and run. I trusted a good friend’s advice and enrolled at VARDAN. I have been undergoing treatment for the last two months, for my left knee and lower back. For the first time I am “relaxed” about my body movements. I am more fluid and flexible now, and “not afraid” of doing exercises that once were impossible to do. I have already played two rounds of limited golf, while the treatment is on, and delighted to see that the improvement is “sustainable”. I have had an inguinal hernia operation two years back, but Dr Swati and team have been careful about the condition during their treatment. A big thanks to them for restoring my hope to return to active sport. While each session is expensive, I understand it is not just a routine physiotherapy. This “functional manual therapy” requires exceptional practical knowledge of the body. For the expertise of specialists like Dr Swati, Dr Sakar, DR Mayank and for the infrastructure and overall service excellence, I think the pricing is appropriate. However, for long term customers, there must be attractive pricing schemes. I also request that you have three days per week at Gurgaon centre.

Thank You Team VARDAN.

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