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Shilpika Bordoloi

Dear Jevene,

I am being treated for my rt knee by Ekta.

The treatment process has been interesting for me. Am a dancer and this pain on my right knee comes up quite often, after a rigorous few days or winter! Initially it was an accident in 2009 that started. So initially in the sessions with Ekta i was taken aback with the pain at the time of treatment. But yes it did feel lighter the very next day. And i think after a few visits finally was that one day when i really felt no pain even in the deep squat. Post that pain-free knee moment! i have had another session. Anyways at the moment the pain is back and i confess that am not being very disciplined with the specific exercises i have been asked to do or maybe i need a bit more treatment.

I think Ekta has been a dedicated Therapist. I like her presence and the energy she carries for the process. She appears involved and all the touching is never uncomfortable. She makes an effort to articulate the treatment and has managed to get a lot of my trust.

As a dancer i think i really like what has happened so far and hope my knee pain will get treated forever. And i wld definitely like to be treated in this process on a regular pace even after knee is solved. Just for a regular alignment check! and i wld be happy to go with Ekta for the same.


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