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Sandeep Nair

My main problem was knee pain – for 3 years – though I also had a backache. Soon it hampered my work. I tried everything from the brief relief of ayurvedic massages and homeopathic pain remedies to crazy naturopathy diets. I got really scared when a doctor wanted to insert a probe in my knee when an MRI was inconclusive!

So, when I read about non-invasive FMT at Vardan, I decided to try even though I didn’t believe it would work. I wasn’t impressed by Mamta’s simple analysis for my pain either – a misalignment in my ankle that affected the shin and muscles. But since I wanted to go to Ladakh (on painkillers if need be!) I gave it a shot.

I had 10 sessions in all, and from the second one, the improvement was dramatic. Other physical therapies rely on heat to relax muscles and relieve pain but FMT gets to the root of the problem to resolve it. My nagging pain is gone. In fact, I told Mamta that I thought of her more than my wife as I trekked in Ladakh pain-free!

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