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Bhavna Rajgariah

My name is Bhavna Rajgarhia, I am 36 years old. I work with my father. I heard about Vardan through my dad. He heard about it from a friend. I have had a problem with my knee and calves. It has persisted for over 10 years.

The last three-four months have been very bad, I have not been able to move. If I moved or even walked around a little bit, my knees would start hurting a lot. The last three-four months, I haven’t been able to walk around for even five minutes. The pain was very acute. I went to a lot of general physicians, physiotherapists, orthopedics and all and the scariest part was that nobody was able to diagnose my problem. Everyone would keep saying there isn’t a problem and they would just send me back home. So I was very worried and very scared – if you have such acute pain and the doctor is not being able to diagnose it, it gets very scary. Last two-three months I have been teary-eyed all the time and then of course I heard about this place. My dad came here first. He came for about two or three sessions and he was really happy and he suggested I come and I came and I must say that after the first session itself – the therapist was Ekta and she is really sweet and really good I must say – I felt better. In the first session she treated my tailbone. She said that my tailbone had moved a little from its right position and it was pressing on a nerve which was aggravating my knee pain. The primary reason for the knee pain was my muscular pain. So she fixed that tailbone for me and the first session itself I was feeling much better.

The second session, because of some confusion I think, I got a session with Jevene, and she treated my muscles around my calves and thighs and all that and after the second session I was 99% better.

And today which is my last session – my third session – I am feeling absolutely fine. There is no pain. In the last 10 days, I have done everything that could make me deteriorate – I wore heels even though they told me not to, and I went out. They told me to exercise and I didn’t exercise properly. And they asked me not to do one more thing which I did again. But still I had no pain. Had I done any of these things prior to coming to Vardan, I would have had acute pain.

This place I would say is like a Godsend for me. I think I should start crying right now. I am feeling fine in just three sessions I have taken an appointment after a month because they want to check me and to make sure that I am doing the exercises and following up on whatever they have asked me to do. It’s been great and I want to say a big thank you to Jevene and a big thank you to Ekta and a big thank you to Vardan.

I work with my father. I heard about Vardan through my dad. He heard about it from a friend. I have had a problem with my knee and calves. It has persisted for over 10 years. See for my experience, I don’t have a medical understanding of FMT, but from my experience I would say that it is basically a very advanced form of physiotherapy combined with a certain amount of manipulation, because I think the first time what she did with me was manipulation – she was just rubbing the tailbone to get it into the right position. And thereafter, for the other two sessions, she was pressing me to relieve pain in different places. So I think it is a combination of manipulation and very advanced physiotherapy.

Another thing they did for me, which no doctor has done until now was that they corrected my walk. They said; “your walk is your main problem. You are not walking from your hip you are putting all the pressure on your knee, which is why you are getting so much pain in your knees”. So actually they nailed the source, they treated the source and actually if I do the exercises properly, which I plan to, then I think that I should be fine.

That’s why I am done in three sessions – I mean I have had a problem for over 10 years.

Before coming here, I was almost bedridden. Like I didn’t have to rest but I was not walking, I couldn’t walk even 10 steps. I was going to work etc, but I was not moving at all. But now I am leading an absolutely normal life. I am going to work, I am going to work out, I am going out at night – so it has made a whole lot of difference. I would say from having a lot of pain, today I am pain free. I still have to work on my muscles and strengthen them before I can do anything that I want to – because I would love to do a workout class, which she has told me not to do right now – but I am now from being in a lot of pain to being pain free actually. It’s really helped me, this place. I would recommend it to everybody. Get in here and get yourself fixed.

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