16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi​

Siddharth Lohia

I had right ankle and bilateral knee pain, and was limited in my use of stairs. I consulted doctors in 3 different continents who suggested various medicines, surgeries etc. but I felt no benefit. My doctor in India referred me to Vardan. I went through their website and decided to give FMT a chance.

I felt the difference right from the first session. My initial assessment showed various mechanical restrictions along both knees, extending down to the foot and ankle complex; the cuboid of the right ankle was of primary importance. My joint mechanics have been restored to at least 90% mobility through FMT, which has significantly improved my ability to perform everyday functional activities such as stairs and exercises.

As my legs improved I noticed some limitations in my back and neck, which were making it difficult to travel for long periods of time. FMT has given me significant gains in those areas as well.
I come for my sessions from Kanpur, but my treatment has been so fruitful that I am more than happy doing so!

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