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Laxmi Arora

Let me start off by introducing myself I am Laxmi arora, age-62 with no prior experience of taking physio sessions

My journey with VARDĀN started around June 19 and like others I never wanted to continue for long but Aishwarya made sure that I was comfortable in the start and henceforth.

I had extreme knee and back pain from last few years and in a matter of 3-4 weeks Aishwarya’s expertise helped reduce my pain. I couldn’t praise her enough for all the patience and care (first at VARDĀN and now during online sessions at home). She would always explain what each exercise and movement was for. Right from adjusting my schedule to excellent attention, quality of care was commendable.

Undoubtedly my pain areas were addressed rightly and I feel much better with noticeable improvements. Just wanted to conclude saying thanks to Aishwarya and everyone at VARDĀN. Hopeful of a much longer association.

God bless you for your efforts and attention.

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