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"Thank You VARDĀN - The science of Functional Manual Therapy just blows my mind besides curing my pain. Charles and Jevene, you guys are miracle workers! India is going to be fitter and pain free cause of you! Best wishes to the entire team!! Cheers and all my love!"

Hrithik Roshan, Actor, India


Virender Sehwag, Cricketer, India

VARDĀN is a very good institute. I am taking treatment regularly at VARDĀN and I am benefitting, especially when I had my second shoulder surgery. I took a lot of treatment for my shoulder surgery and it helped me a lot because I didn’t recover on time but then thanks to VARDĀN , when I got treatment from their physiotherapist, I got better and was fit to play the IPL.

There are a lot of good physios in VARDĀN who were looking after me. One of them is Charles and then there is Shashikant.

They have a very good set up for Physical Therapy, for Gym, for Pilates. I come here regularly for Pilates and for my treatment with the physios. Their FMT (Functional Manual Therapy) is different from the others because I have taken treatment from many physios – from Indian physios, Australians, South African and English physios, etc, but the kind of treatment that I am getting here, I haven’t got anywhere else in the world. I am lucky that I live in Delhi and that VARDĀN is also in Delhi.

Deepa Suresh

I read about Vardan a few years back in The Times of India Newspaper.  The Ad was so catchy and every time I see that ad, my curiosity increases.  Because I know about physical therapy.  But Manual Functional Therapy was a new thing to me and I was so curious about it.  But somehow I could not visit that place until recently my husband had a session there.  And, I really  wanted to share some wonderful experience which I had in Vardan.  It was my husband who went there first and he was relieved of his neck pain only with two sittings.  I was so surprised, because for many years he was suffering from his neck pain and when he got good result, I also went there for my knee problem.  Off late, I started having pain in my knee while climbing up and down the stairs.  I was worried, rather scared of my sudden development of knee pain.  In Vardan, Ms. Tanu, a manual physio-therapist gave me sessions and the way she handles the customer is really very impressing.  After four sessions I got very good improvement and now I am able to climb up and down without any pain in my knee.  The manual therapy as well as the exercise routine which she asked me to follow, I am doing it diligently.  I wanted to thank Ms Tanu and her team who has helped me to relieve my pain.  Overall, it was a nice experience with all the staff cooperating well and the ambience makes you more comfortable and peaceful.  Worth giving it a try.  As a Government Servant, first it pinched me when I heard the rate per session.  But in my personal opinion, rather than giving it to the hospital or any other treatment without any permanent solution, it would be better to correct your body or posture with a long lasting solution and I really appreciate Times of India Group who brought this initiative here. My humble suggestion is reduction of rate per session and wide publicity in the wellness industry. 

Thanks and Regards.

Deepa Suresh

Paritosh Anand

With acute shoulder and arm pain few activities like playing guitar or any sports had become a nightmare because of the amount of pain it gave was unbearable for me before coming to VARDĀN. VARDĀN provided right kind of treatment required to treat ailment. Now, I have completely recovered with no pain and can do all activities with effortlessness.

Arvind Kumar Jawa

I came to VARDĀN in Oct’14 for treatment of shoulder pain due to brain tumor surgery and right side paralysis. I travel from Panipat to Delhi for my treatment. Doctor Suryakant referred me to this place. I have CBRS syndrome for which I visited many hospitals but there was no change in the level of pain. However, post coming to VARDĀN pain in shoulder has decreased, range of motion, activity performance, body control & strength has increased. Now I can walk without hand stick. VARDĀN provides good services and I am really happy to be coming here for my treatment. Because of VARDĀN today I can lead active and mobile life with assurance. Thanks for it.

Utpala Talukdar

VARDĀN has been extremely helpful in healing my health condition. The manner of treatment is exceptionally different and satisfactory than others. I had consulted several doctors for my shoulder & arm pain before coming to VARDĀN but what I was looking for was right kind of treatment. And I think I found that in VARDĀN. Thank You.

Shaurya Shandilya

I am practitioner of Karate since 1989 represented India at the world Tournament of Siedo Karate at New York, USA from 1st to 8th June 2016.Functional Manual Therapy at VARDĀN for my ailing shoulder, before the tournament has earned me a gold medal. I owe this accolade to the intensive therapy I got done here that helped me deliver my winning punch (with my left punch which was the injured side). I thank team VARDAN& my therapist (Tanu) for making this happen. God Bless!

Siddhartha Garg


So I just got 2 sessions in VARDĀN with Akanksha Singh regarding a shoulder issue I had – on 27 January and 3rd February, 2016.

Brief outcome – superb!

my shoulder is much better now due to the treatment and also the exercise etc told have helped to lot to avoid any future such complications. No doubt you guys are a little expensive, but totally worth it. 10 visits with an average therapist versus 2 with great physios like Akanksha Singh in VARDĀN , are a much better proposition – both money and healing wise.

The therapist Akanksha Singh was very warm, courteous, empathetic and obviously knowledgeable. I don’t think one can ask for more.


Kind Regards
Siddhartha K Garg
B.A. LL.B.(Hons.) LL.M.
Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Former Junior Research Scholar,
Law and Economics, University of California,
Berkeley Former Law Clerk-cum-Research Assistant to Chief Justice of India (Retd.) Hon’ble Mr. P. Sathasivam

Sandeep Khanna

I consulted VARDĀN for my stiff right shoulder and Mr. Anshul Sharma was assigned to cure my problem. In first session Mr. Sharma took time to understand my problem and given initial treatment, I felt better after first session.
In second session, Mr. Sharma spent most of the time for giving treatment to my problem, he worked hard and tried to solve my problem. I must say my pain has almost gone in just 2 sessions, he also gave some stretching exercises as well which I am doing on regular basis. Thanks to Mr. Sharma.

Noopur Tiku

“Before coming to VARDĀN , I had reached a stage in life where I had almost accepted being physically fit and pain free wouldn’t be a scenario I would be able to see! But thanks to my doctor at Apollo – Dr. Yatinder Kharbanda – I was introduced to VARDĀN and I finally started seeing that silver lining. I came with unexplained and grossly chronic pains in the left shoulder and lower limbs, and it is VARDĀN that gave me an understanding of what exactly was wrong with me. Garima – my therapist – has been the biggest source of strength and confidence that I will get better and will be back to dancing soon and I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to her for instilling this belief in me that I could be fine and live pain free. The method of treatment at VARDĀN is very scientific and detailed. Garima took my complete history, patiently heard every detail about my illness and started taking one step at a time in my healing process. Today, I can drive, I can lift my own office bag on my left shoulder, I can lift both my arms without cringing and all this is thanks to Garima and her constant hard work on me.

I would highly recommend VARDĀN  to everyone and anyone in requirement of such treatments.”

Jayshree Murarka

I came in with a pain in my arm that extended to my fingers and shoulder pain and reached till my head. I was in terrible state but just about in exactly two sessions at VARDĀN and my pain had come down drastically. The therapists analyzed my body type and worked with details. They were goal oriented and helped me understand their approach to rectify my pain. I was wowed by the front office staff to add to which the therapist were very cordial and helpful.

Dev Malhotra

I wish to put on record my appreciation for the relief that I have been able to get from the shoulder pain that was troubling me. Dr. Swati Kukreja from your organisation was assigned for my treatment. The condition of my left shoulder was diagnosed as “Frozen Shoulder” and the pain use to make it difficult for me to sleep. The treatment lasted for about 20 sessions and I have a complete relief from the shoulder pain. Thankfully, my treatment was completed just before the lock down due to COVID 19. My sincere thanks to the efficient and effective treatment received from Dr. Swati of your organisation.