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Thank You VARDĀN - The science of Functional Manual Therapy just blows my mind besides curing my pain. Charles and Jevene, you guys are miracle workers! India is going to be fitter and pain free cause of you! Best wishes to the entire team!! Cheers and all my love!"

- Hrithik Roshan, Actor, India

Leg pain Testimonials

Vibha Arora

6 months back when I was struggling with acute stiffness in left leg and unbearable pain, I started taking treatment from Vardan. The problem I had been suffering for long started with a fever in 2016 that left me with continuous pain in joints which lasted for 4-5 months. I was able to manage things but still had discomfort. In Aug, 2017, I had again fever for 2-3 days after which I started feeling trouble while walking. Slowly things were getting worse and within a week, the problem turned out so acute that my routine movements were hampered. I had continuous pain and stiffness in left leg and I was not able to stand, sit or walk. My every effort to take even a single step filled me with unbearable pain and I literally started limping. At that time, my friend convinced me to consult Dr. Anshul at Vardan. She herself had taken treatment there some time back.

Dr Anshul took account of my condition, explained the treatment mechanism and started with treatment. He explained that RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) cannot be treated here and I have to continue taking medication to ease out the external symptoms but he can definitely help me to overcome my problem through internal healing. I used to visit Vardan twice a week initially. However, due to severity of my condition, the result was not very encouraging. I thought of giving up but Dr.Anshul convinced me to continue and I am happy I heeded to the advice of Dr. Anshul. With continued medications and sessions at Vardan, I could feel the difference and by the beginning of Dec, I started walking near to normal.

Another major breakthrough was regaining slight movement in my wrists which I was not able to move for years due to RA. I am still continuing the treatment and visiting Vardan once in a month.

Many thanks to Dr.Anshul for having helped me to restore my mobility and taking me out of the depressing situation I was in.

Saloni Mehrotra

I am glad and fortunate that I came to VARDAN. I have to thank Dr. Siddharth Sahni my oncologist to refer. Thanks Mamta for the 1st experience, Jane, Firuza & Chandra. Thanks to the team VARDAN to help me recover.

Meenu Singh

I had a very long and chronic pain in my feet for almost 2 to 3 years while the reason was not known to me why this pain was happening but this was becoming more of a routine affair and I started living with it. I was suggested a visit to Vardan as it had a different technique and a different way of treating the pain management while the regular physiotherapists were always injecting vitamins B12 and D into me and then there used to be only temporary relief only for the moment.

After my visit to Vardan then I was assigned to Mr Anshul who treated me for almost an year and my quality of life has improved quite a lot not only relief from pain but also joy in walking again. The journey from pain to relief has been a big learning for me as Mr Anshul during his treatment not only helped me get relieved from pain but also a lot of lifestyle changes and exercises were suggested that added to my own elixir of life.

My only learning after my visit to Vardan has been one should never live in pain but should look out for a good and permanent solution to a better pain-free life which I had been able to find and living now. Thank you Vardan ……thank you Mr Anshul !!!

Meenu Trikha

Hi Ekta!

Its pleasure meeting you always as well painful for a day but the week goes painless with lots of blessings for you.

The efforts you put with each of us viz. with me, my son, my sis-in-law is worth appreciating!!!

It has made a great deal of difference in my leg pain and will paste below the sms which my sis-in-law sent from Simla makes me feel so proud of being associated with you.

“Thnx meenu and bhaiya for taking time for m from Vardan, after 4yrs wen this time means yesterday wen i was at sanawar i did not feel any pain throughout the day.really from the core of my heart, thnxxxxx a looot”

Keep up the great work n Many Thanks for making a difference in our lives.

Thanks & Regards,
Meenu Trikha AVP – BCM India
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Vishal Shinde

I had a severe pain in my left leg in particular and I was diagnosed with a slipped disc and scoliosis – curvature of the spine. I was prescribed medication, exercises and even physiotherapy but there was only marginal improvement. The pain was so bad I couldn’t move around. I would just somehow get to class and sit there but I couldn’t concentrate.

So when I heard about Vardan, I took a chance. In the other places I was merely told what to do – whether it was taking medicines or doing exercises. But at Vardan my FM therapist, Garima took me through each step, using her hands to actually feel where the nerves and muscles were hurt or stiff and relieve the pain.

I have done 8 FMT sessions at Vardan so far and my pain has already gone down by 70%! Garima has also told me to use coldpacks as walking and sitting causes my slipped disc area to swell and become painful. Now that I know exactly what my problem is and how to handle it, not only is the pain almost gone, I am doing so many things I simply could not even think of doing before!

Jayshree Thirani

I’m Jayshree Thirani, I’m a housewife. I’m 63 years old now. Basically we do work with children’s books which we are making in the name of Campfire. These are graphic novels. It’s a very interesting subject. But while I was growing up, I had a bit of a problem. I’m quite active, but at the same time I was being very restricted in my movements because I had developed a pain in my leg, which they said was sciatica. I went to two or three different physiotherapists and I’ve been to different hospitals. I have also had a major back surgery about 20 years back. Knowing the good care that was taken because the operation was done in London, I was able to distinguish between whether I was given a good treatment and good advice, or whether it was just advice being given as all physiotherapists or orthopedic surgeons or anyone in this capacity can give. And I was never very happy with the kind of treatment that I got. So when a friend of mine suggested the name of Vardan and recommended it – he normally doesn’t recommend a place until he believes that it is good – so I said ‘Let me see’. I came in and thought, ‘this must be one of the big units which are opening up, and it’s a profit-making institution’. And you come in because as a patient you have not got help and also not really got correct advice. With that in mind I came here.

The first session I came in for I was told that it is a bit of a ‘hands-on’ treatment – of course they took permission for that. They checked me out, and it was a very pleasant experience because a senior along with Charles came in. Before that, my therapist Mr. Sakal checked me thoroughly he discussed everything in front of me, and being a little educated and aware of my own system, it was very nice to talk about it openly, and to discuss it openly, because I could understand where my problems were and what they were going to do. That was very reassuring for me. I felt very much at home and that I was in the right place, and that I would be taken care of.

I was given an exercise regimen which now I’m following up with Jatin. In between Jevene came in and she was also very wonderful with the way she corrected my stance and the way she told me how to move and checked out on what I was doing wrong.

The other point which I liked very much was that Jevene told me ‘there is a point to which we can help you’.

I feel that they are very professional, and like when you’re in pain you need someone to talk to, not only professionally but humanely, there is a lot of interaction. They seem to make you feel very much at ease. Also, they are young, they are looking forward to a better future and better training which they are enjoying very much I think.

They talk about the bones, they have these skeletons which they put before you to explain your system, that this is your bone, this is what we are doing. I feel they are very correct in the way they carry out their full checkup because they have to be very good at that. At the same time, what they express sometimes if the patient is interested, then they naturally explain, otherwise it is too complicated a system for any lay person to understand.

I had been in pain for the last one year, and I don’t like taking too many painkillers – I’m aware that they are not good for me – they reduce the muscle power. But I really did not know what I was doing wrong. I had come to a stage where it was difficult to climb stairs, to sit at a lower position, to get up, to sleep in the night, was very difficult, because I would end up in an odd position and the pain would become excruciating, and end up in discomfort. I wouldn’t know how to correct it. But within the first three sessions, the relief was tremendous, the pain had come down to almost 50-60%. Of course the main areas of the pain which was the knee and while walking up the steps, these were also still needing a lot of attention, which was being given.

I hope you are able to keep up this good work of being true to the profession and to your patients.

It’s amazing because I feel so much more confident about myself. Otherwise I was feeling a little down and out, because while going to places I would be embarrassed. I would sometimes be in pain and I wouldn’t able to express it.I’m not that old that I need assistance, I need help. So I was feeling compromised in some ways in my lifestyle, feeling a little afraid about what would become of me if this became worse.

This caring is very important, and I hope to be in touch with Vardan more and more.

Ather Farooqui

“I have been suffering from Leg pain from last 7-8 years and have tried a lot of treatments which were of no use. I have taken lot of steroids to avoid this pain but that was only helpful in providing a temporary relief. Few people suggested me to go to Kerala for treatment, then one of my Doctor referred me to Vardan. Shruti is continuously doing an excellent job and now 50 % of my pain has already gone. I am travelling to Europe in July and I am thankful to Vardan that now they have made me feel that I can enjoy my vacations without having any pain.”

Rumana Trumboo

I came here with my primary ailment of back problem L3 & L5. However, I had other issues as well like leg pain, shoulder pain etc. I am very delighted to say that all my issues were addressed here at Vardan.

It has helped me a lot in every aspect. Being a Muslim, the most important thing in my life is doing my prayer (Namaaz) which I was unable to do before visiting Vardan. After taking couple of FMT sessions I was amazed to see the improvement in my mobility. Today, I am so proud to say that I can do all my prayers during the day.

My experience at Vardan has always been amazing which is why I have also recommended it to few of my friends as well (Imtiaz Ali, Khalid Burza etc).

I firmly believe that you guys are the best & I would like to give you guys 10/10.

Anil Mehra

I came to Vardan three weeks ago with lot of pain in my leg.I have taken different treatment therapies from all over the country like Acupuncture, Acupressure, hot & cold, deep tissue massage and physiotherapy. However, nothing helped me heal as quick and relieve me of my pain like Vardan has done in just few weeks. FMT is concentrating on my exact problem area and not on any other body part. This therapy is a specialized form of technique that works on mobility and strengthening the body. Though I have recovered alot from my problem in just 3weeks.But my aim is to complete FMT and then join exercise sessions at the earliest.

Pradeep Rao

I have been coming to Vardan since July 2016 for severe leg pain and my right arm. When I came here I could not use my right hand at all. But now after treatment I feel much more active, mobile and confident using my right hand and leg. I have been religiously following home therapy. Thanks to Vardan for helping me live efficiently.