16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi​

Rumana Trumboo

I came here with my primary ailment of back problem L3 & L5. However, I had other issues as well like leg pain, shoulder pain etc. I am very delighted to say that all my issues were addressed here at Vardan.

It has helped me a lot in every aspect. Being a Muslim, the most important thing in my life is doing my prayer (Namaaz) which I was unable to do before visiting Vardan. After taking couple of FMT sessions I was amazed to see the improvement in my mobility. Today, I am so proud to say that I can do all my prayers during the day.

My experience at Vardan has always been amazing which is why I have also recommended it to few of my friends as well (Imtiaz Ali, Khalid Burza etc).

I firmly believe that you guys are the best & I would like to give you guys 10/10.

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