16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi​

Ashish Jain

I consider myself fortunate to have come to Vardan referred by my orthopaedic.I came here in Dec 2012.At that time was suffering from joints and muscle pain in my entire body.I health was deteriorating I was in a very bad shape.I was suggested 3 surgeries in different parts of body ie lower spine, cervical and ankle.Doctors said the only way to treat your condition is surgery.I had lost all hopes.Started visiting for physiotherapy, allopath, naturopath.But its only in Vardan that I got to know of FMT sessions that cured me 100% without any surgery/medication.My body completely got converted from negative to positive stage.I have restarted my gym workout using weights since last month.I can even stand for hours post therapy.Today I can confidently say I am perfectly fine with no pain anywhere in my body.I have visited IPA-US and I am happy to see similar process of treatment in Vardan. It is nicely developed clinic working on similar grounds.Now I come here for preventive care.I am a live example of correct approach of this therapy.

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