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Mohita Singh

I came to vardan after I had been suffering from debilitating pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back and head for nearly 2-3 years. I had severe vertigo, balance and movement problems. I also had no clear diagnosis even though I had consulted all premier medical establishments of our country.  I was diagnosed with cervical disc prolapse but no amount of treatment was helping me. I was unable to walk, sit, and even breathe without pain. As a result my life was a standstill. Vardan came into my life as a true boon.

FMT technique is a unique way of looking at the human body and on my first visit itself I received my diagnosis. While my problem had confounded all other doctors, the therapists at Vardan knew exactly what was wrong with me. What was even more refreshing was the patient, friendly, through and in-depth examination that vardan conducted. My therapist Jatin Dawar was my primary support during this time. Jatin is not only superb at FMT and supervised exercises but is also refreshingly intuitive about his patients. His expertise, attention to detail, patience and gentle humour is just the right prescription for just any patient to recover.

From a person who could barely walk, sit or breathe without pain and lived in the constant fear of vertigo, I am happy to share that I have now being paragliding, trekking, driving an SUV on the highway and happily reclaimed all my motherly terrain of baking my kids favourite foods and having fun with them.

I am also keen to share that every person in the clinic, from the parking attendants, the housekeeping, the staff at reception desk, the other therapists, to the administration were (and still are:))  courteous helpful and supportive. They are punctual, professional and the clinic is super hygienic with a cheerful vibe. “Vardan feels like a safe space”

After my recovery, many of my family and friends have also benefited from the FMT techniques. In fact I enrolled my daughter for supex sessions to empower her with “Gift of better movement” as a part of her college going-away present. I truly feel that everyone whether they have a problem or not, should gift themselves a “Gift of FMT” to help themselves be stronger, fitter and better versions of themselves for life. 

My deep gratitude to everyone at VARDAN – Mohita Singh

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