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Sujata Dinodia

This happened in 2009 when I was getting out of the car – one foot was inside and the outside and the driver drove off. That caused a ligament tear for which the doctor did not put a cast. Later a cast was put, three months later when it came off, I fell – and I kept falling ever since , for no apparent reason. Then someone recommended Vardan.

They have fixed me but it will never be 100% as the ligament will not be rebuilt but they say that by strengthening the other muscles my condition will improve. They strapped the arch of my foot so that it does not drop. I knew I had flat feet but did not know that in later years it would cause problems.

I used to get backaches and wondered why. I learnt in London that it was due to fallen arches and was told to wear closed shoes with inbuilt arches but that is difficult with Indian clothes.
Now I am doing SupEx. First strengthening and stretching exercises. Then I was put onto a machine that reduces my weight by 20 kgs on my legs so that I can practice walking slowly in a proper way – heel-toe-heel-toe… Slowly the time increases a little every day. The other day, I felt it was too long and the pain came back. I got depressed and skipped exercises for two days. My therapist called me up and insisted however, that I return so that he could examine why it happened. I thought the foot had retracted but he said the only answer was supervised exercises.

The exercises are very simple – you keep doing it in yoga. Nothing that you cannot do. As it is supervised, they always observing and see how much I am doing and where I am going wrong. And they did not only treat my foot, they also treated my knee and tailbone.

They always communicate and tell me what is happening. If they face a problem, they consult one of the senior US consultants who then tell them in front of us what to do next. So we are always informed. And the therapists have a link with us, they cajole and coax us when we feel low and get us going again.

My alignment was out as I had fallen 5-6 times. They realigned it. None of the doctors explained things to me before. When I walked before I used to feel I was moving to the left as my alignment was askew. None of my trainers at home had figured that out and thought my problem was psychological!

Only the therapists at Vardan understood what was wrong. I had wasted so much time before on treatments and therapies which had no effect. I have now recommended this to five members of my family!

It is expensive but it is unique. It is truly a Vardan – a boon!

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