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Thank You VARDĀN - The science of Functional Manual Therapy just blows my mind besides curing my pain. Charles and Jevene, you guys are miracle workers! India is going to be fitter and pain free cause of you! Best wishes to the entire team!! Cheers and all my love!"

- Hrithik Roshan, Actor, India

Back Pain Testimonials

Dr. Anjana Satyajit (On behalf of Ishita Satyajit)

My experience at Vardan Functional Manual Therapy Center has been truly remarkable. My daughter, Ishita, had been grappling with scoliosis for years, trying various therapies like Bowen therapy and physiotherapy without success.

However, when we met Jatin, an exceptional manual therapist at Vardan, everything changed. His constant reassurance and expertise provided us with renewed hope. Ishita has gone from a point where physical activity was impossible to now running, weight training, and enjoying the gym—all without pain and with improved posture.

Jatin’s unwavering support and guidance have been invaluable. I am immensely grateful for the transformation he has brought to Ishita’s life. If you’re seeking effective treatment and lasting results, I wholeheartedly recommend Jatin and the team at Vardan Functional Manual Therapy Center. They are true miracle workers who have given my daughter a brighter, pain-free future.

Rakesh Malhotra

I visited VARDAN 10 years ago with a lot of scepticism whether they will be able to make my life better. I had been suffering from back and neck pain due to an accident that occurred in 1980. Since then I had been taking physiotherapy session using all that it had to offer, consulting many doctors for pain management & trying everything under the sun. This left me very frustrated as I was told to not to undertake any sports or rigorous physical activity. As a keen badminton player and athlete this left me disheartened. I was told that continued sports activities can elevate my pain and I should restrict myself only to walking as a form of exercise.

When I visited VARDAN with acute back pain, I was attended by Dr. Sakar who told me that my body is very stiff and asked me what I had been doing? I told him what I had been going through. After many sessions of FMT & exercise I was feeling the change. The gradual improvement in my flexibility helped me to a greater extent. Then under the guidance of Dr. Foster and Dr. Anshul the treatment I received causes greater & even more drastic changed than before.

Since last 5 years, Dr. Anshul has been treating me and I have started playing golf and my ability to do many other activities have improved tremendously.

Thanks to VARDAN and all my treating doctors I am able to function a lot better, with increased mobility and flexibility than ever before.

Yulia Mendes

I had about 3-4 sessions in VARDĀN with Jasroop regarding a severe lower back issue I’ve had since a while now. The outcome – Suuuuuuuperb!

The pain is very minimal and I am much better now due to the treatment and exercise I was advised by him. I had consulted several doctors before this (one of my x-rays had shown degeneration of my L1). My boss Russell Fernandes had also taken treatment from VARDĀN, and had advised me to do so too.

VARDĀN has been very helpful in improving my health condition. The manner of treatment is exceptionally satisfactory than a few others I have tried. And I personally know I have found the right kind of treatment in VARDĀN.

Rajnish Sarin

I visited VARDĀN earlier this year with severe back pain & was unable to sit or walk for too long. Prior to visiting VARDĀN, I had visited several physiotherapists but my pain did not subside.

VARDĀN has a very unique, yet effective way of treatment based upon FMT TM. Focus is on identifying the cause of the problem & correcting the same. I would like to thank my FMT TM therapist, Tabish, who is very logical in his approach & and an expert in his field. He customized the training sessions for me, based on my condition rather than following a generic template of treatment. I am much better now and the pain has lessened considerably, thanks to Tabish. I would also like to thank the front-desk team lead by Mr Chandra Mohan, who always greets you with a smile, is very considerate, and flexible in making appointments on even very short notice.

Palash Lalit

I came to VARDAN for back pain and knee pain treatment. My therapist Sakar is truly knowledgeable and is quite skilled with FMT technique. He identified the root cause of my pain and suggested the best course of action. VARDAN is probably the best in business. Overall satisfied with my decision to visit VARDAN. Special thanks to Sakar!

Shiva Panwar

I came to VARDĀN for hip pain treatment. My therapist Mamta is truly professional and is quite skilled at her work. Best part was correct diagnosis of the problem which was not done at a number of other centres we had visited earlier. The customer service staff have been very helpful. Overall pretty satisfied with my decision to visit VARDĀN.

Special thanks to Mamta!

Divya Singhania

I have been undergoing treatment for back pain with Dr. Akansha Singh. I think I have had almost 10+ sessions with her. I am very happy to have her as my therapist. She is extremely professional and is very patient to hear out client’s symptoms and problems. She also makes sure she explains to me what’s causing the pain and how to address it. I work in Noida and often can make time only during lunch hours to undergo therapy. Dr. Akansha is very accommodating to move her personal lunch hours so that I can take a session. During the treatment she takes very good care to be gentle and communicates well to ensure the session goes well. I almost always feel so much better right after a session with her- she is really good at what she does!

Her treatment has helped me tremendously and I am hoping I am pain free soon! I would definitely recommend Dr. Akansha to family and friends!

Neha Jain

I had cervical spondylosis for three years and had tried just about everything – from physiotherapy to acupressure. Eventually it aggravated to lumbar spondylitis and I was advised bed rest for a month. I then read an article on Vardan and thought I would try FMT.

I don’t understand exactly what they do with their hands, but from the second session itself my condition showed definite improvement. My back pain became better with correction of my sacrum and coccyx dysfunction, along with neural tension release; and posture education in sitting, standing and sleeping.

I have continued with the follow-up supervised exercise sessions. Even if the pain occasionally returns, I know exactly what to do. Now I am taking antenatal sessions at Vardan to build up my upper body strength and core & pelvic muscles!

I had cervical spondylosis for three years and tried just about everything from the usual physiotherapy to acupressure. Eventually it aggravated to lumbar spondylosis and I was advised bed rest for a month. I then read an article on Vardan in TOI and thought I would try FMT, especially since my in-laws had already benefited immensely from it.

I don’t really understand exactly what they do with their hands, but I would simply say that my FM therapist (Ekta) pushed everything back into where they should be in my body! I found the treatment a little weird at first because it was initially painful — but it worked and I was won over. I came for 12 sessions over six months, and from the second session itself my condition showed definite improvement.

If you are in acute pain for a long time, the body’s resistance and ability to handle it decreases. Once the body heals, as mine has, tolerance and confidence increases. I have continued with the follow-up exercises and it has been a year now. Now even if the pain occasionally returns, I know exactly what to do. In between I took a car trip and the pain came back with a vengeance but I simply did what Ekta had taught me, from exercises to posture and the pain receded!

Also, my FM therapist has built up such a relationship of trust with me that I know she will understand what I need and what I can take. I was amazed at how her hands found the exact spots where the pain was the most. So now I am having ante-natal sessions at Vardan now to build up my upper body strength and core and pelvic muscles!

Ms Bhavya Mehta

Exceptionally good and well trained therapist. You made my pain in back literally go away. Front desk is very professional. You are associated with such a big brand even then everyone is so grounded and helpful.

Narendra Bhooshan

I have been very much satisfied with Vardan, especially Ms. Mamta Sharma ,Who is an outstanding, Passionate Therapist. She has mentored not only me to fitness and hence happiness, But also about 10-12 of my family members and friends, Including my wife and son. Overall Vardan has proved to a boon. Highly recommended!