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Thank You VARDĀN - The science of Functional Manual Therapy just blows my mind besides curing my pain. Charles and Jevene, you guys are miracle workers! India is going to be fitter and pain free cause of you! Best wishes to the entire team!! Cheers and all my love!"

- Hrithik Roshan, Actor, India

Back Pain Testimonials

Shradhha Bhandari

“At the age of 76, I walked into VARDAN with 3 companions- Osteoporosis, neck stiffness and back pain. Age had slowed down my physical  movements making my muscles weak and stiff. Through Katherine & Prashant they have transformed my life by immaculately obliterating my aches & pains. Their state-of-the-art equipment and par excellence expertise has literally been a life changer. Vardan gives results. It gives you a feel-good factor. I continue today by working out with Prashant 3 times a week at VARDAN, and at the age of 78, I proudly compete with both my sons in several fitness regimes.

Thank you Prashant, Thank you VARDAN”.

Haaris Fazili

I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2016 and since then I went running pillar to post to different physicians, physiotherapists and chiropractors. What I realised after spending a bomb, was that the only effect was temporary pain relief. All that the medical professionals did for me was to perform the same tests and same treatment as they must have done to hundreds of people before me.

Then I heard about Vardan and how it cured people who had scoliosis. I met Jasroop, who is, for lack of a better term, God-sent for me. He was straight up, honest and told me that the curvature of the spine may not be healed but he will definitely cure me of the pain. Session after session, I could see how he kept track of me and my movements. He was very involved, and I could see how he really loves helping people. I felt that human touch, which was lacking in the other medical professionals, and I felt encouraged and empowered that I had someone on my team. Slowly but surely, I followed his advice and incorporated it into my lifestyle. His treatment for me was very personalised according to my needs and not some general textbook drills.

I am almost completely healed and my only regret is that I didn’t find this man earlier.

Anamika Pandey

I am coming to VARDĀN since 2014 after being referred by a friend for back pain treatment. Initially I started coming once or twice but when I started seeing positive changes in my recovery process my frequency of coming increased. I had twisted tailbone with deviated sacrum due to which I couldn’t sit for long hours. My core was also very weak. After taking sessions at VARDĀN it took lot of time for my therapist to activate my core and posture correction. I feel completely recovered from my back pain now but still taking preventive sessions and core strengthening exercises. Treatment at VARDĀN has made by life easy and stronger.

Lalit Kumar Saxena

I feel a miracle happened for me. I will definitely refer VARDAN to my closed ones who are in pain. Thanks and all my best wishes to you Prashant and all.

Anjali Sharma

I came to VARDĀN with severe back and neck pain. Before coming to VARDĀN, I had visited many doctors to get my pain treated but everything they did was of no avail. I couldn’t find solution for my pain with doctors as they neither have any treatment for muscular or nerve pain nor for postural misalignment. Then I got to know about VARDĀN from one of my friends and I visited VARDĀN for the first time for consultation and since then my pain level have been subsiding day by day. I am really swayed by the knowledge of physiotherapist at VARDĀN.

They are “aces”. I got treatment and exercise sessions by different therapists like Jatin, Mamta, Abhishek due to my tight schedule and all of them have been extraordinary therapists. Each one of them have contributed in betterment of my pain to the best of their abilities. Let me be specific about Prashant and Jasroop who are the most dedicated and devoted professionals not because of their professional demeanor but also because they really want their patients to heal. They dont stick to a general protocol to treat their patients. But they customize the exercises and treatment as per the patient’s condition. They have a knack for understanding problems and an empathetic attitude which help them in reaching the root cause of the problem. The knowledge and skills set that they possess is matchless to any of the therapists outside VARDĀN. Such therapists are invaluable assets for VARDĀN.

To be specific about Jasroop, his way of dealing with his patients is very different. His healing doesn’t end at VARDĀN, he also ensures that he goes out of the way to help his patients in taking precautionary measures outside VARDĀN also. I am in awe of him and his skill sets. Everything he does is with excellence. The feeling of being in safe hands is something that I get from my therapist.

Not only I am thankful to my incredible physios but I am really thankful to Yogesh, Mohit, Ajay, Chandra and Shashank for being so considerate in arranging sessions for me in hour of need and special thanks to Prachi, Mitasha and Namrata for always been there to address my concerns and accommodating me by giving me sessions as per my request.

I am short of words to express my gratitude towards VARDĀN team in making me able to do my daily chores with ease. VARDĀN has actually proved to be a blessing for me.

Adil Shakeeb

I have been coming to VARDĀN since May’16 for my back pain treatment. Apart from me my entire family is taking sessions at VARDĀN for their ailments. We all are very satisfied with this treatment procedure. I have recovered from pain in just 6-8 FMT sessions and looking forward to take few more preventive care sessions. Thanks to VARDĀN.

Ronak Shah

Dr. Swati is an outstanding physiotherapist. I have been taking more than 20 exercise sessions with her and I am totally impressed with her knowledge and dedication. I suffered from severe upper back pain at the worst possible time during the lockdown. Right off the bat, Dr. Swati gave a treatment plan that cured my pain by 90% in just a couple of days. One of the things that sets her apart is that she is a great listener, and keeps accurate history of the progression of the condition – this made me feel comfortable and assured that I’m in the best hands. I would highly recommend her and wish her great success in her career.

Tara Vaswani

I came to VARDĀN in 2012 when I was completely bed ridden and could only walk around with hand stick due to severe back pain. My back was tilted and I couldn’t even step forward. I was not comfortable for working on equipments. However, in 2015 when my doctor suggested me knee replacement surgery VARDĀN worked on building strength in me and prepared me for surgery. Post my surgery in April 2015 I took FMT sessions at VARDĀN for pain management post surgery. Today I feel confident to walk and do all kinds of equipment based exercises. I am able to do everything without hand stick. I am happy to have recovered from knee pain completely because of VARDĀN.

Krishan Kumar

After the lockdown due to Corona, I used to feel fatigue and strained after my usual working from home. I used to have pain in the tail bone and also in the middle of the spine. But after the guidance and virtual sessions of manual therapy conducted by Ms Akanksha Singh from Vardan, I am now feeling relieved. These sessions helped me a lot to get relieved from the pain and now I don’t feel fatigue also rather feel fresh after the session. Ms. Singh really worked hard in guiding me. Thank you Ms Akanksha, Thank you Vardan.

Amitabh Bansal

I started coming to VARDĀN in 2012 post my back surgery. Initially post-surgery I was very weak and used to get exhausted easily. So, I started taking FMT sessions post-surgery and then cardiac rehabilitation for acute COPD issues which helped me a lot in my recovery. I am into profession where there is lot of work load and traveling involved. Post surgery my body system deterioration is very fast and I have to be careful about my exercise regime. However, after sessions at VARDĀN my stamina has picked up and I am able to exercise on regular basis with ease. My therapist (Divya) has worked a lot on me and I feel something is missing in my life if I don’t come to VARDĀN.