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Rakesh Malhotra

I visited VARDAN 10 years ago with a lot of scepticism whether they will be able to make my life better. I had been suffering from back and neck pain due to an accident that occurred in 1980. Since then I had been taking physiotherapy session using all that it had to offer, consulting many doctors for pain management & trying everything under the sun. This left me very frustrated as I was told to not to undertake any sports or rigorous physical activity. As a keen badminton player and athlete this left me disheartened. I was told that continued sports activities can elevate my pain and I should restrict myself only to walking as a form of exercise.

When I visited VARDAN with acute back pain, I was attended by Dr. Sakar who told me that my body is very stiff and asked me what I had been doing? I told him what I had been going through. After many sessions of FMT & exercise I was feeling the change. The gradual improvement in my flexibility helped me to a greater extent. Then under the guidance of Dr. Foster and Dr. Anshul the treatment I received causes greater & even more drastic changed than before.

Since last 5 years, Dr. Anshul has been treating me and I have started playing golf and my ability to do many other activities have improved tremendously.

Thanks to VARDAN and all my treating doctors I am able to function a lot better, with increased mobility and flexibility than ever before.

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