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Thank You VARDĀN - The science of Functional Manual Therapy just blows my mind besides curing my pain. Charles and Jevene, you guys are miracle workers! India is going to be fitter and pain free cause of you! Best wishes to the entire team!! Cheers and all my love!"

- Hrithik Roshan, Actor, India

Others - Testimonials

Pramesh Ratnakar

Vardan delivers.

Spacious ambience, clean surroundings, appropriate equipment, friendly people, but most importantly, insightful, caring, well trained therapists using an innovative approach to physio-therapy – Vardan is aptly named.

I have been a regular for the last six months, fighting a neurological condition, and I have found it to be truly a blessing.

Dr. Pramesh Ratnakar

Payal Mehra

I was suffering from bad headaches dizziness n other problems related to same. So I decided to take sessions from Vardan. Ms Deepika handled my treatment and I must share my condition began to improve. I wondered how she diagnosed my condition n gave me FMT. My medication reduced as I started feeling better and much relieved. The sessions were very comfortable and pain almost disappeared. Also I got rid of so many vague thoughts which appeared due to stress in my head during the treatment.

So I thank you Deepika for this relief. Thank you Vardan.

Kalyani Prayaga

This unprecedented COVID times have really played havoc with everyone’s lives and it was not within our control at all. However, kudos to your team for coming out with the innovative solutions to the problems of most of the patients at Vardan. The way you have gone virtual has left me in awe. Aishwarya has worked very closely with me during the lockdown over the virtual platform. She says that I have really improved on my core and I can also feel so much of difference myself. I had always wanted to do the exercises under some able supervision. Thank you once again for helping me rediscover a fitter me. The guidance is amazing and has worked wonders for me. Looking forward to my virtual sessions always and now I believe it’s a new normal. Keep up the good work!

Subroto Chattopadhyay , Chairman Of The Peninsula Foundation

Dear Mr, Summers,

I was referred to the Oneness facility several weeks back and have been under the care of Mr Mishra.

I wish to thank him and you for taking care of me and indeed help me.

In hindsight I find the process of investigation and diagnosis was rather comprehensive and it led to a treatment which has been most satisfying. I had for years learnt to live with my discomfort and did not realize the extent of damage I was carrying.

Last few weeks Shashikant patiently has worked on me and I find the treatment was addressing the cause and not the symptom, as a lay man I sense he was competent and familiar with the science of what he was doing also he did not hesitate in seeking assistance of other experts which is a fine trait.

I also observe that he and his colleagues are pleasant and very professional in the way the conduct the clinic. Congratulations.

I have a few more sessions to attend but I feel a marked reduction in my discomfort.

A very happy new year to you and your team and thank you.

Best regards
Subroto Chattopadhyay

Yogesh Ahuja


I would like to put on record my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the work/ therapy done by Ms. Garima Kathpalia for treatment of my longstanding and chronic health issues.

Since I have started therapy with her there has been a gradual and steady improvement in my health and energy levels and has made me much more optimistic and hopeful for better health in the future.

While being extremely professional I have also sensed a sincere and heartfelt concern to help me resolve my health problems.

I would like to express my best wishes for her and also give an unconditional recommendation for her work.

With utmost sincerity,​
Yogesh Ahuja
Shiva Bleachers Pvt Ltd.
704, B-Wing, Leo Kohinoor Niwas
24th Road, off Linking Road,
Opp Khar Telephone Exchange

Pooja Singh

It is a very nice experience that I have had at Vardan. It is for the very first time I have found something like this in Delhi.

Not just Functional Manual Therapy but Pilates has also helped me a lot.

Thank you so much….Keep up the good work !

Karan Binal

I was referred by Raghav Arora, who is an employee in BCCL. I have been visiting Vardan since 2 months and have seen a Significant improvement in me.

Abhishek is my therapist and he exactly understood what my problem was and has been treating it step by step.

I am very happy with my treatment and have referred 5 more people in Vardan.

Neetu Ambwani

I started coming to Vardan 6months back.Being a runner I always take care of my strength & flexibility.So, I find Vardan a suitable and best place for any kind of core exercises.I prefer doing pilates here.I come for regular exercise sessions.Therapists here also guide me of my posture and stability.Exercises here are different from gym or any other wellness center.Exercises are done under supervision to improve performance and reduce stress.I feel I am regaining more physical strenghth and can play any sport with the techniques guided by Vardan.

Raghu Menon

As I complete over six sessions or so at your facility, I feel confident that my basic problems have been correctly diagnosed, and the treatment package carefully & accurately designed, giving me hope that one day, I can be surely back to normal. From the hopelessly unbearable levels of acute pain & rigidity, my lower back now has to bear about only 10% of the pains felt at the start, when the ‘sprain’ first occurred. The stiffness and lack of fluidity still remains upto 60%, but I have to now accept, in the given case of tissue damage, progress would be essentially slow. Essentially thus , I can say that I am still quite happy ,and relieved, about the slow but steady improvement under Vardan,(Anshul) and look forward to full recovery in the near future. A bonus benefit, I fortunately got was that my recent Vertigo was instantly fixed by Kathy, who had dropped by at one session for mandatory review & monitoring, perhaps. Special thanks here.

Thanks indeed for Vardan support & guidance

Supreet Kaur

I came to Vardan in April’15.I was in pathetic condition due to headache. I was even able to move my head. It was so bad that I was unable to do any daily activity including driving, carrying heavy objects etc.However,post functional manual therapy sessions at Vardan the pain started disappearing slowly after few sessions. Today I have no headache.I have completely recovered but still taking preventive sessions for future.I appreciate the diagnosis done at Vardan to treat my ailment. They find a root cause of the pain and work on it.They are doing outstanding job as compared to other physio clinics.I will definitely refer FMT at Vardan to people suffering with similar problems.

Priyaanka Berry

Dear Divya,

As requested, I am sending below feedback from both mom and me for internal purposes.

With a variety of exercises and detailed supervision, Divya ensures a charged and beneficial session of Pilates.

I have seen an improvement in terms of endurance, strength and flexibility. She also come across as personally vested in helping you achieve your goal which is very motivating and keeps you on track.

It would be nice if we had exercise balls and other props to try out new steps.

Priyaanka Berry

Namrata Bajoria

I started coming to VARDĀN in Apr’16.I have osteoporosis due to which I wanted to do basic muscle toning and strengthening to delay any further damage. Have taken FMT sessions earlier and now I do supervised exercise for prevention and general body fitness.I have an excellent experience at VARDĀN and I am enjoying my exercise sessions with my therapist(Garima).Happy to be associated with VARDĀN.

C K Bubna

Dear Jevene & Charles,

I congratulate you & Times group for bringing the most Efficient, Effective, Advanced and Most wanted treatments by the name of “VARDĀN” to Delhi & hope you will be able to take this to my Part of India.

My personal experience at VARDĀN is very good and your team has resolved many problems which were not cured by others. Apart from me I am sure lot of people are getting treated and cured at “VARDĀN”.

I am great full to your entire team and thank all of them. My personal Thanks to Ekta who has been working wonderfully to resolve problems suffered by me.

Wishing you very best and hope you will set new standards in your field.

Best Regards,
C K Bubna