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Subroto Chattopadhyay , Chairman Of The Peninsula Foundation

Dear Mr, Summers,

I was referred to the Oneness facility several weeks back and have been under the care of Mr Mishra.

I wish to thank him and you for taking care of me and indeed help me.

In hindsight I find the process of investigation and diagnosis was rather comprehensive and it led to a treatment which has been most satisfying. I had for years learnt to live with my discomfort and did not realize the extent of damage I was carrying.

Last few weeks Shashikant patiently has worked on me and I find the treatment was addressing the cause and not the symptom, as a lay man I sense he was competent and familiar with the science of what he was doing also he did not hesitate in seeking assistance of other experts which is a fine trait.

I also observe that he and his colleagues are pleasant and very professional in the way the conduct the clinic. Congratulations.

I have a few more sessions to attend but I feel a marked reduction in my discomfort.

A very happy new year to you and your team and thank you.

Best regards
Subroto Chattopadhyay

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