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Udita Jain

I had been meaning to share my experience with Dr. Prateek and VARDĀN for a long time but was caught up with things around.

The main reason to approach VARDĀN was the abdominal pain that I was suffering from. It was actually building up for years, but it aggravated about 2 years back. I went to multiple doctors, was asked to get multiple tests and given different medicines, followed different diets, etc but none of these provided a long-lasting solution for the pain. Dr. Pratik was able to diagnose the cause in the first meeting and accordingly relieve me of the pain gradually in a few sessions. He also taught me various core & abdominal muscle exercises that have helped me strengthen my core. While I do these exercises every day, Dr. Prateek ensures to review them on a regular basis and advises enhancements + variations. I had also twisted my ankle a few years back. The ankle used to swell occasionally on minor twisting. Again, I went to multiple doctors in the best of medical practices, had multiple treatments but never found a long-lasting solution. Dr. Pratik is now helping me heal my ankle through therapy and various exercises meant to strengthen the ankle.

While he is able to fix the issues brought to him, he is proactive in pointing out issues like posture corrections, mobility, body aesthetics, and overall strengthening of the body that none of the medical practitioners have been able to point out.

Along with Dr. Prateek, I would also like to thank Ajay who has been coordinating our sessions and being so cooperative all this while.

Heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Pratik & Ajay and VARDĀN. Honestly, I feel that we have a support system for life that we wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise.

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