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Preeti Pathak

Nearly three years before coming to VARDAN, I had underdone a surgery of my right ankle to fix two cracked bones. A plate was installed in one bone and the other was tied-up with wires during the surgery. After taking many post-surgery precautions and making daily visits to a physiotherapist for about 3-4 months, I was able to stand on my feet but my limping didn’t go away. Life went on but in 2019 my foot reached an almost non-performing stage and it started to freeze at times. Then I heard about VARDAN from my cousin and saw a ray of hope to be physical fit and pain free.

I started my journey (treatment) at VARDAN  in June, 2019 with Jatin, my therapist who seems to know the ropes of physiotherapy backwards and forwards. Not only his therapy sessions but the exercises suggested by him to carry out at home have been a great help to strengthen and bring back functioning of my foot in the right manner. Of course, adhering to his advice was a necessary part of recovery, but it won’t be an exaggeration if I said that once my parents taught me how to walk confidently, and after my accident I learnt to walk again from Jatin. He taught me how to reprogram my brain to rightly place my foot on the floor and walk independently without any fear. He also guided and corrected my walk, as well as the standing and sitting postures.

I am really happyyyy to be coming here for my treatment and as of date I feel almost 90% recovered. I don’t limp anymore and have started leading an active life with confidence.

I would like to thank team VARDAN , and especially Jatin, for giving me hope and making this possible. I would highly recommend VARDAN  to everyone who requires help in recovery.

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