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Kusum Burman

Over the years, I have had several therapists – Steve, Oron, Swati, Prashant – and they have all been very good at their work and very sincere and friendly. I first came to VARDAN about 3 years ago with tendonitis in the left wrist. With several months of therapy this became alright. Then after few months, I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand. I was taking medicines for the burning and numbness in the fingers but the doctor said that physiotherapy was also very important so I again came to VARDAN.

Oron was my therapist & thanks to him that I got my strength and flexibility in my right hand. I had even stopped my medicines but after a month or so I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in the left hand this time; so I had to go back to my neurologist and restart the medicines. I came back to VARDAN and have been having therapy with Prashant. Given Prashant’s expertise and sincerity, I am sure that my left hand will also be alright soon. I must say that the customer service staff at VARDAN is also very polite and helpful.

I have complete faith in VARDAN – Kusum Burman

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