16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi​

Aditya Kanoria

I suffered a stroke due to which my left side was partially paralysed. I had been under treatment for a while in Kolkata when I heard about Functional Manual Therapy from a family member. Ever since I tried it, I have come regularly every time I am in Delhi. In the past year I have had six sessions and now I am back again after a break — due to a toe injury — for more. Like many Indians I expected some quick magic remedy; FMT is not that. The initial sessions were exhausting and even painful but it definitely made a difference to my condition. And I must say that the FM therapists work harder than their patients! Thanks to their efforts and specific FMT techniques I can now walk with a cane and even climb stairs, though I still have no strength my left arm as there have been changes in my brain due to the stroke. Maybe they can integrate some yoga exercises into FMT for even more effectiveness. I know it will be a long haul but I am certain that I will continue to improve with FMT. After experiencing FMT at Vardan I feel we don’t have real therapists in India! Maybe there are some for orthopaedic ailments, but not for neuro-related problems there is vacuum, except at Vardan. And it is FMT’s hands-only practice is what makes all the difference. After all, they are dealing with human beings and you can only feel their pain if you touch them with your hands….

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