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Importance And Benefits Of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy treatment is the most commonly prescribed treatment to assist in the recovery of many injuries and conditions. Chronic pain, sports injuries and challenges with mobility can all be greatly improved with the use of physiotherapy. Physical therapy is considered as a dynamic profession, where the physical therapist utilizes techniques for clinical treatment that helps to restore, maintain, and promote optimal body function.

Of the many reasons of physical therapy is important for overall rehabilitation, here are a few listed below:

  • Improving movement patterns: In case of an injury or chronic pain, physical therapy can address the issues related to the pain. Physical therapy is often used in correction of postures or techniques to eliminate postural problems. Often, physical therapy is just enough to remove the pain caused to an injury or accident and get you back to your regular daily chores
  • Avert scar tissue build-up: Post an injury or surgery, scar tissue forms naturally and these can cause pain. Physical therapists use various types of stretching and other personalised techniques to prevent the build-up of scar tissues. This also confirms that the scar tissues formed does not obstruct rehabilitation
  • Stretch and loosen up tight muscles and joints: In physical therapy, stretching is an important technique used for maintaining or improving flexibility and range of motion. The physical therapist designs a personalised regime for the individual
  • Strengthening of muscles and joints: Strengthening exercises can improve stability surrounding musculature, which can reduce strain on joints. Physical therapy focusses on strengthening the muscles associated with an injury along with improving the robustness of the surrounding muscles
  • Enhance outcomes through post-operative rehabilitation: Physical therapy is a great help during post-operative rehabilitation. It addresses issues related to pain, scar tissue, strengthens muscles and joint associated with the condition, improves mobility and balance, and much more

Benefits derived from physical therapy are far drawn and impactful. Some of these benefits may be listed as below:

  • Effective pain management with lessened need for medications: As required the physical therapy may include joint and soft tissue mobilization , treatments like ultrasound, taping or electrical stimulation and these techniques can help by not only relieving pain but also restores or improves muscle and joint function. Physical therapy exercises can also prevent recurring pain
  • Avoiding invasive procedure or surgery: Physical therapy can help avoid surgery and even if it is required, one benefits from pre-surgery physical therapy which promotes faster recovery
  • Improved mobility and movement: Stretching and strengthening exercises help to work on various muscle groups and thereby improves or restores your mobility
  • Sports injury recovery: Physical therapists can design necessary recovery or prevention exercise programs to ensure your safe return to your sport post an injury
  • Recovery from stroke or paralysis : Physical therapy exercises helps to regain the lost degree of function, movement, gait, balance and helps strengthen body parts post a paralysis or stroke
  • Management of age-related medical problems: Physical therapists are experts in helping patients tie over issues due to arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and so on. They also can design personalised regimes to recover from joint replacement through post-operative rehabilitation programs
  • Enhancement Sports Performance: : Physical therapists can help an athlete optimise and maximise their performance by strengthening body parts and working on core muscles
  • Management of Women’s Health conditions. At various stages of life women are faced with health concerns, like pregnancy and postpartum care. Physical therapists can offer specialised management of issues related to women’s health

@ VARDĀN our advanced physical therapy treatment, the Functional Manual Therapy® (FMTTM ) is an integrated evaluation and treatment system that promotes optimum human performance by enhancing total body mobility and facilitating the strengthening of required muscle group, therefore improving posture. The goal of Functional Manual Therapy®️ (FMTTM ) is to help you with pain and disability management thereby improving quality of life. Using Functional Manual Therapy® strategies the therapist assesses the effect of limited mobility in both weight bearing and non-weight bearing positions, promoting a more direct relationship between the mechanical treatment and the desired functional outcome.

To know more about (FMTTM ) call us at :+91 011 43580720-22, or visit vardan.in or write to us on: vardan@timesgroup.com.

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