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VARDĀN can really deliver on women’s reproductive health issues

June. 5 2019. Times Of India

Most people understand the need for physiotherapy after a disc herniation, painful tendonitis and generalised joint or muscle pain. But do you know physical therapy can also help the reproductive system? Menstruation can be pain free after a few sessions at Vardan and fertility can be improved with manual mobilisation of the reproductive system. Even cesarean sections can be prevented in order to have a natural delivery. While this knowledge is spreading in the US, I find that it is still very new in India. Many of my patients here seem to think that their only options are pharmaceutical, surgical, or just suffering through it. Physical therapy for these problems is a conservative option, there are no side effects, and has great outcomes. This is certainly eggciting news for reproductive health!

If the pain during that time of the month is really cramping your style, physiotherapists can mobilise the uterus to loosen it from the sacrum and resolve all discomfort associated with menstruation. Anatomically, the uterus lies directly on top of the sacrum (the plate at the base of the spine).

If the uterus sticks to the sacrum, any movement, such as cramping, causes pain in the abdomen or back. This is the main reason for dysmenorrhea (painful cramping with menstruation). A study focusing on massage of the abdomen, uterus, and sacrum showed that 15 out of 23 people were completely pain free from menstrual cramping at 6 weeks after a trial. My personal statistics are much higher. When it comes to abdominal

pain related to your period, don’t just go with the flow, have it mobilised and maintain a pain free lifestyle!

Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth are very important for most couples. If a fallopian tube is blocked, the egg is unable to pass from the ovary to the uterus, making fertilisation impossible. This is a very common problem for those with difficulty conceiving. If someone asks, “What is the best way to open an obstructed fallopian tube?” would many respond that the woman should have physical therapy? Probably not. Fallopian tubes are not known to reopen spontaneously. However, in a 2008 study, 17 out of 28 women conceived only one month after mobilisation of occluded fallopian tubes through physical therapy. Another study that mobilised the general reproductive system and pelvis showed 10 out of 14 became pregnant, more were able to successfully implant embryos with IVF (in-vitro fertilisation), and several conceived a second child after giving birth to the baby from the trial. Now that is a big deal, and I’m not ovary acting!

Delivery via cesarean section (C-section) surgery is quite common in India. Most women seem to believe they will have a natural delivery, but once in hospital for delivery, they end up having a C-section. A well-respected obstetrician here told me that “the most common reason for C-sections in India is weakness in the pelvic floor.” Pelvic floor strengthening is an easy way to prevent this surgery. If you want information on pelvic floor strengthening related to childbirth, research online will really deliver! Pelvic floor weakness can also be easily diagnosed by a physical therapist at Vardan and the patient will then be given exercises to strengthen it. Pelvic floor strength assists women to carry a baby without back pain, deliver a baby naturally, and prevent or treat incontinence after childbirth.

Other issues involved with labour and delivery include tearing of the abdominal musculature, specifically the rectus abdominis. I know it’s a bit of stretch to believe, but this tearing can be prevented with basic exercises and soft tissue mobilisation from a skilled manual therapist at Vardan. Physical therapists will also make sure that all the bones of the pelvis are capable of moving well before the woman goes into labour. During labour and delivery, the pelvic bones need to be able to spread in order for the foetus to emerge. But sometimes the hormones that relax the ligaments, called relaxin, are not enough to allow these bones to spread if the pelvic joints are stiff. A physical therapist at Vardan can easily mobilise the pelvis so that the bones can open and allow the baby to be delivered naturally. All of these treatments would be done with tremendous care to prevent palpating any structures close to the uterus for safety precautions. There has never been an incident of adverse effects from these treatments.

Whether dysfunctions of the reproductive system are causing cramping, low back pain, difficulty conceiving, incontinence, or an impending C-section, Vardan can help with women’s health needs. We can mobilise your muscles, joints, uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes and strengthen your pelvic floor. We can treat your issues conservatively and without any side effects. Vardan can help you to live efficiently

Dr. Jane Lucas
is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist at VARDAN, a wellness initiative by The Times Group in association with the Institute of Physical Art, USA

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