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Urmila Jain

I came to Vardan in 2014. I had fell on road 10 years ago due to which I started getting knee pain. I used to get pain all the time.I was advised knee operation to get rid of this pain. Few years after my accident my left leg got fractured.I used to limp and walk.I had major difficulty in walking.But all the credit goes to Vardan they with the help of FMT therapy fixed my knee problem completely.That was like a blessing to me.I had no pain in my knee anymore.Now im doing good since last few months.But I come to Vardan once in a while to keep my progress in touch.I would suggest people of my age to take these treatment from Vardan as at our age it is difficult to recover.We can only depend on medication but with FMT you can feel confident even at this age.

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