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Sundar Vishwanathan

A session of Tai-Chi brought on knee pain in July 2016.
I was told that this was due to age related wear and tear. I was prescribed a suite of exercises by a physiotherapist. Six months down the line, not much had changed. I was told that I should not squat or jog and will have to replace my knee at some point. I started functional manual therapy in Dec 2016. It has been about 8 sessions so far. The knee is much better. I can walk a mile without pain. I can squat. I have just been cleared to jog. Mobility of every other joint has improved. For instance, I can bend forward without the fear of a stiff back or worse, the first time in 10 years. Improvements in other spheres of activity have been remarkable. A chronic acidity problem has gone down. Headaches have come down in both intensity and frequency. The biggest obvious gain has been the improvement in my breathing .I no longer get up early in the morning with difficulty in breathing, first time in 10 years. And the best thing is that FMT prescribes exercises not medicines. It feels great to be a participant in the cure. I realise now that the only activity which I have been doing properly before FMT was sitting down on a toilet seat. I am learning how to sleep, sit, stand, get up from a chair, sit on a chair, drink (water!).

The therapist, Sumeet is a person of rare talent and intelligence.
Seamlessly blending an encyclopaedic knowledge of anatomy and a deep understanding of biomechanics, she visualises, analyses, and corrects your defects one by one. I have also learnt a lot from these interactions.
The efficient Himani, with her good cheer, and dry humour, is just the perfect foil.

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