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Srishti Sharma

I have had a lower back problem for almost 22 years but it was never very troublesome or painful for me. However, around 6 years back, I started experiencing unbearable sciatic pain in my right leg. On consulting various orthopaedics, I was  told to be extremely careful due to the disk indentation in my L4, L5 and S1 vertebrae that was putting pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Initially, I took numerous physiotherapy sessions to control the inflammation and pain, and to increase some mobility in the body. But soon I realised that I needed something more in order to strengthen my back. I always aware that Pilates works very well in making the core muscles stronger but then again I just could not trust any Pilates instructor given my condition. That’s when I consulted Vardan. 

I started taking sessions with Divya and we proceeded very slowly. She was very careful with the exercises that she made me do and monitored my progress carefully. I definitely believe that diet and exercise work hand in hand to achieve good health and that’s what I did. Along with my Pilates sessions, I continually consumed a wholesome diet of lean protein and good fats. My back became so strong that in the year 2017 I was able to do rafting for 4 hours in grade 4 rapids! Never had I ever imagined that I would be able to do any adventure sports and definitely not rafting!

My back is way better now than it was around 7-8 years back , sciatica is very much in control thanks to the FMT sessions I keep taking in between my Pilates. I’m now able to do very advanced exercises and some weight training as well.

Thanks to Divya and Vardan that my condition has improved drastically over the years and I’m able to lead an almost painfree. – Srishti Sharma

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