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P D Vaid

I had problem in both my knees for the last 18 years. Left knee was badly damaged and as a result of that part of the bone damaged was lying inside. It was detected as a osteophytes inside the knee during an MRI was taken. The intensity of pain can well be imagined. The broken part of that bone was extracted during an operation but the pain still persisted. I learnt about Vardan through an advertisement and enrolled myself. After a few sessions of FMT by Shruti the pain started reducing dramatically. I was doing few exercises recommended to do at home, rigorously without fail. It all helped me in avoiding the operation for knee replacement for which I almost decided at the time of coming to Vardan. The credit of relief to my acute pain goes to the dedicate efforts of Shruti the PT in particular and Vardan in general.

Specific benefits I had at Vardan

  1. Never even had to take any pill for pain relief.
  2. Was unable to bend on knees to begin with but now able to squad
  3. Relief from locking of joints during sleep resulting into sleep disorders
  4. Better metabolism due to the exercise schedules which have become part of my daily routines
  5. Feel no need of wearing knee caps which I was using for the last 8-9 years

P D Vaid
Age 64
Retiered govt officer

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