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Mithily Jagannathan

I have a long association with VARDĀN.I came to VARDĀN 4years ago with knee pain post-surgery. I had heard about this place from my friends and they suggested me to try it for my problem. Post-surgery my right leg was quiet weak and usual therapy was not helping me at all. I couldn’t walk or climb stairs. After taking 8-9 regular sessions at VARDĀN I started feeling the change. My pain subsided and mobility increased. Then I felt more confident, self-reliant & active. I am a writer by profession and had stopped working post-surgery as I was worried about my health and couldn’t concentrate. However, once my treatment at VARDĀN showed positive results I became more free and rejoined work. Now, I am taking sessions for back ache and I have faith that it will also vanish like my knee pain. Thanks to VARDĀN.

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