16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi​

Lt. Col Gautam Kapoor

Dear Ms Jevene Summers & Mr Charles King

  1. At the outset let me introduce myself to you. I am Lt Col Gautam Kapoor and I am your patient since 30 Mar 2012. I had undergone Disectomy (PIVD L5-S1) in Sep 2006 & since then I was suffering from incessant & acute stiffness & pain in lower back along with other associated problems causing me to live life less efficiently to say the least. This has not just affected quality of my personal life or that of my family but also affected me professionally by limiting my physical/out door performance which is so important as an army man. Besides, playing Golf, horse riding etc which were my passions same years back became distant dreams.
  2. Then came in Vardan, YOU & YOUR TEAM. I must admit that I am lucky to have chanced upon your organization seeing the Newspaper advertisement on that fateful day of last Dec/Jan & landed up at your doorstep. I must take this opportunity to place the following positive observations on record which deserve complements.
    1. Thorough assessment of the problem along with history of the case.
    2. Fool proof examination of the patient.
    3. Continuous personal attention.
    4. Tracking changes/improvements in condition since last session.
    5. Advice on life style changes/posture etc.
    6. Supervision by YOURSELF during FMT sessions.
  3. Besides the above, I also take this oppertunities to place on record the professional acumen & conduct of my therapist Ms Ekta Agnihotari which makes each FMT session rewarding & brings an increasing sense of ‘feel good factor’ as I leave your premises each time. I must admit that with each FMT session, I have felt lighter & better which has ingrained a feeling in me for the first time after my surgery that I may finally get completely healed. For this, please convey my heart felt complements to her for building up my trust in the therapy which is bedrock & first step towards any cure.

Lastly my compliments to YOU for providing able leadership, direction & guidance to your entire team & making the environment so positive & instilising the sense of well being in patients like me. I wish YOU & YOUR TEAM all the best.

Gautam Kapoor (Lt Col)

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