16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi​

Kavita Bhatnagar

God has his ways of dispersing Vardan. For me, He chose Dr. Jasroop. I was troubled with severe neck pain which radiated to my arms. I had tried everything possible under the Sun but to no avail….This was not only physically excruciating but was often hindrance in my day to day life. Everything I wished to do or could not do revolved around my pain. Whether it was a road trip or going to the movies or traveling. I often used to be sad that before traveling, women of my age head to the salon while I used to dart for my physiotherapist…he totally changed that situation…He taught me how not to be intimidated by the pain and how to conquer it. Jasroop is not only an exceptional functional manual therapist but a gem of a human being. He is very motivating and has a pragmatic approach towards exercise. He has the qualities of an encouraging father and healing maternal capacity. It is due to his efforts that today I feel more independent and in charge of my own health. I am not only much better but also confident about my ability to manage pain if it arises.

Thanks a lot Jasroop!

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