16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi​

Jayesh Talpade

Hi Garima,
I am shocked and dismayed at the decision to close down the Mumbai Centre.
When I started off in September, of last year, I had challenges walking pain free, climbing up and down stairs. I had an arthritic right knee, due to an arthroscopic procedure performed 13 years ago, and as a consequence the good knee had also turned bad due to overloading that I would do. From that place to today…..I run on the treadmill at a speed of 14, I have started doing Bollywood dancing and I climb up and down stairs….for the most part, like a teenager. Only, that I am 57 years old!!!

All this is due completely to your therapy. I had tried physiotherapy for a long time, but what your therapy achieved borders on the Miraculous!

You people are doing such good work. Don’t abandon us now. What you so works. You have the backing of the TOI Institution, you could leverage it far more effectively than what you are doing currently to communicate your therapy to the citizens of Mumbai, and you will have people flocking in droves. The Bombay Times carries a weekly feature on health, and not once have you written about it, after last year. Give your selves time, and you will pick up….I know this in my bones….simply because you are not some get well quick scam, but people with a Mission to heal….a mission which is working, slowly, I’ll grant, but it’s working. Please reconsider your decision.

At the end of our lives when we look back on what we did in our lifetime…..the decision to close down the Mumbai Centre will be one you will regret. Don’t do it please. Don’t shut down a good thing.

Warm regards,

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