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Spinning With Vertigo

Vertigo is a common ailment that affects a large number of people every year. And although it isn’t a life-threatening condition, it can affect the quality of life substantially.

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Desk Jobs and Shoulder Pain

Sitting for long hours daily can impact a person’s wellbeing, ranging from mild to severe. Remaining seated for long hours, day after day, gradually pushes a person’s health towards various complications, often triggering musculoskeletal pains, slowing down the metabolism, increasing psychological stress, and even cognitive dysfunctions.

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Chest Physiotherapy

COVID-19 is a serious disease, which can cause mild to severe symptoms in affected patients ranging from fever, headaches, sore throat, dry cough to more severe symptoms such as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome or respiratory failure leading to more serious complications.

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Headaches are a very common condition that most people experience multiple times during their lives. The main symptom of a headaches is a pain in your head or face.

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