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Physical therapy and overall wellbeing

The scope of physical therapy is much broader than only treating ailments and pain conditions. Physical therapists take a holistic approach, and assist with your physical, mental and emotional needs. A skilled therapist will look at all aspects concerning a patient including your lifestyle, diet, personal responsibilities and stress and guide you towards  improving your overall well-being. Physical Therapists can also work with various health professionals like doctors, surgeons, dentist, sports and fitness coaches and so on to ensure an all-round approach to your recovery.

Physical Therapy helps improve your overall body mechanics

The therapist understands your body’s biomechanics. They use different methods to assess your muscle length, strength, and movement patterns. Your therapist can then design a plan to help your body function at optimal levels by focusing on the areas which are weaker and are not moving efficiently. This not only reduces the aches and pains but can also prevent future injuries thereby resulting in a better quality of life and boosting your confidence.

Physical Therapy boosts physical health

While physiotherapy is known to be effective in healing pain conditions,  injuries, in post operative rehabilitation procedures and many other health conditions. It amplifies the recuperation process. It is also helpful in curing chronic headaches and pain, back and spine related conditions, respiratory problems, podiatry and orthotic needs amongst many more. Case of medical conditions like in diabetes, stroke and heart disease, physical therapy is fruitful for both preventative as well as rehabilitative care.

Physical Therapy enhances mental health

Pain, restricted lifestyle due to injury, prolonged illness,  mechanical dysfunctions can be detrimental to mental health. Social issues, sleep disorders can also affect our mental health. One of the aspects of physical therapy involves diagnosing the root cause of the condition and working out solutions to ease the situation and on to the path of recovery. Various physical wellness and stress relieving techniques employed by physiotherapists have been found to be highly effective in improving mental health conditions. In case of very severe or chronic cases where both body and mind needs healing, the physical therapist may work with a relevant specialist to assist improvement in the patient.  

Physical Therapy positively impacts emotional condition

Many people are seen to be suffering from emotional distress triggered by low esteem, poor self-image, anxiety disorders, feelings of despair and loss and other factors. Although these may seem like issues that only a psychiatrist can address, research shows an undeniable and active link between physical fitness and person’s ability to accept and manage feelings through challenges and difficult situations. A physical therapist post a root cause analysis can design personalised exercise programmes, stress releasing and relaxation techniques, and other methods to drastically improve one’s emotional health and social development. 

Physical therapy works towards reducing or eradicating pain

Various treatments and techniques used by a physical therapist can help in healing and mobilisation of affected areas through targeted exercises which can help to ease pain. Effective pain management with lessened need for medications is one of the objectives of physical therapy. These techniques can help by not only relieving pain but also restores or improves muscle and joint function.

Be it acute or chronic pain, physiotherapy can be used to help restore normal joint and muscle function and prevent the pain from recurring.


Physical therapy helps to improve your mobility

Physical therapy can help in loosening and lengthening tight structures, avert scar tissue build-up, strengthening of the affected muscles and joints, enhance outcomes through post-operative rehabilitation thus trying to assist to improve your flexibility. Relief from pain can return your muscles and joints to completely normal working conditions, and hence allow you to take up your daily chores as usual and return to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Therapy can assist in aging better

With age, our muscles become weak and joints become less mobile and can cause loss of balance also. Osteoporosis, arthritis, and similar conditions can further deteriorate your feeling of wellbeing. Aches and pains cause both physical and mental stress as the stiffness of muscles and joints does not allow the previously normal range of activities.  A physical therapist can assist with age related issues  by maintaining mobility and balance which will reduce the risk of falls and will help u to live an active life.

Physical therapy helps in Injury prevention

Our body gives enough indications to alert us regarding some dysfunction and if one listens to it and pays attention when there’s a problem it can reduce your risk of getting injured. A physical therapist can help eradicate minor aches and pains before they become a bigger issue and thus become more difficult and time taking to treat. Based on your physical condition, a physical therapist can assist with a conditioning program which will help you to get strong and prevent injuries.


At VARDĀN, our therapists use the scientifically designed Functional Manual Therapy®️ (FMT™️) to optimize your wellbeing. Our therapists actively guide you to build your core muscles., thereby improving intrinsic strength, posture, flexibility and endurance. The aim is to ease pain and discomfort to help you move and function optimally and lead a better life, physically and mentally.

To know more about (FMT™️) call us at :
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