Deepa Suresh

I read about Vardan a few years back in The Times of India Newspaper.  The Ad was so catchy and every time I see that ad, my curiosity increases.  Because I know about physical therapy.  But Manual Functional Therapy was a new thing to me and I was so curious about it.  But somehow I could not visit that place until recently my husband had a session there.  And, I really  wanted to share some wonderful experience which I had in Vardan.  It was my husband who went there first and he was relieved of his neck pain only with two sittings.  I was so surprised, because for many years he was suffering from his neck pain and when he got good result, I also went there for my knee problem.  Off late, I started having pain in my knee while climbing up and down the stairs.  I was worried, rather scared of my sudden development of knee pain.  In Vardan, Ms. Tanu, a manual physio-therapist gave me sessions and the way she handles the customer is really very impressing.  After four sessions I got very good improvement and now I am able to climb up and down without any pain in my knee.  The manual therapy as well as the exercise routine which she asked me to follow, I am doing it diligently.  I wanted to thank Ms Tanu and her team who has helped me to relieve my pain.  Overall, it was a nice experience with all the staff cooperating well and the ambience makes you more comfortable and peaceful.  Worth giving it a try.  As a Government Servant, first it pinched me when I heard the rate per session.  But in my personal opinion, rather than giving it to the hospital or any other treatment without any permanent solution, it would be better to correct your body or posture with a long lasting solution and I really appreciate Times of India Group who brought this initiative here. My humble suggestion is reduction of rate per session and wide publicity in the wellness industry. 

Thanks and Regards.

Deepa Suresh

Dr. Mrs. Manoshi Das

Vardan is a place that truly lives up to its name. A year ago, I was suffering from acute pain in my legs and was told that injections followed by surgery would be required.

At that time, my daughter and my physician, Dr. Ravinder Paul, both suggested Vardan.

That was a day, full of pain and worry, and today is an entirely new day with a spring in my step! With its careful therapy and step by step treatments, Vardan has reduced my pain significantly and given me new freedom of movement.

At Vardan, therapist Tanu understands my problem and has taken me through therapy, exercises and FMT™  very carefully. Today, I am able to almost completely go off the significant number of painkillers I used to take earlier. Vardan has given me renewed flexibility and the freedom to walk and climb with ease (I have always loved walking), as well as undertake long-distance work related travel. Between its deeply committed therapists and its very caring culture, Vardan is an incredibly special place. Its facilities are world-class, as is the hard work and focus therapists like Tanu bring to their work.

Vive la Vardan! More power to you always! Thank you for adding so much well-being, happiness and strength to my life!

Choodie Shivaram

I'm Choodie Shivaram, a journalist for over 30 years based out of Bangalore.

I was a client for about 8-10 weeks at VARDĀN on my visit to Delhi. I'm writing this mail to convey my gratitude and thanks to team VARDĀN. I congratulate on this profound initiative which perhaps is the first of its kind in India. I was under the care of Ms. Akanksha; she truly is a vardaan to VARDĀN. Besides being professionally adept, she is extremely committed and conscious of the patient's well-being. She is precise in her assessment and treatment and was flexible to my changing needs with regard to the therapy. During these weeks, there were times when the pain shifted and Akanksha was more than accommodative in addressing it. She possesses an attitude that is rare to see in present times; modest, humble and sincere.

Kudos on putting together such a wonderful team. I have come back to Bangalore with my joints feeling younger and healthier; of course, maintaining it is now in my hands :)

Thank you and congratulations again. I do hope you open a centre in Bangalore too.

Abhishek Rathi

I have had a very knowledgeable therapist (Swati). She quickly identified the source of my problem and in some cases provided immediate relief. I am happy with VARDAN services.

Ms. Jogesh S Kumar

I have a long association with VARDAN. I came to VARDAN in May 2015 for knee pain. Before coming to VARDAN, I could hardly walk and climb stairs. Doctor had advised me knee replacement surgery. One of my friend recommended VARDAN to me so I decided to postpone my surgery and started taking FMT and exercise sessions with Garima.  She had explained me that my knees were in bad shape because of severe arthritis and dysfunction in hips. I wasn’t even able to bend my legs to do stationary cycling. And thus, she had advised that I should opt for surgery but after taking few weeks of treatment and exercise sessions as that would help me recover better. She worked very hard on correcting my body’s alignment, muscle toning and gaining overall strength which actually helped me in the long run. She treated my knees and my hips and I was walking better even before my surgery. Garima knows her job well and exhibits commitment and professionalism, which is commendable. After 4 months, I had undergone knee replacement surgery and then came back to VARDAN for post-surgery rehabilitation. I took sessions with Garima and with all the hard work, I am able to do everything I wanted to, without any hindrance because of my knee pain. The secret of my recovery is VARDAN and not surgery. Now I lead a normal happy life and feel confident in referring people to this place (including my husband).

“VARDAN change lives” –Ms. Jogesh S Kumar

Priyanka Jain

It has been a great experience getting treated at Vardan. Tanu, my therapist is no less than an angel for me. She has helped me recover so well from my knee pain. It’s only because of her I am able to avoid the surgery. She has helped me enjoy every moment with my family again. Because of her, I could even dance when I couldn’t even walk.

I will be always thankful to her and especially our neighbour Major Rana uncle who referred her to us.

Thank you Tanu for being so focussed and dedicated towards your patients.

Thanks a ton

Ajay Kumar Jain

My knee pain started over three years ago and I had some difficulty in walking, as well as, in climbing the stairs. I consulted one of New Delhi’s top hospital who took my X-Ray’s and advised me knee surgery. I was mentally not prepared for the same as I felt that there must be some alternatives to knee surgery. Then, I contacted my neighbourhood physiotherapists and was advised the classical exercises. I was not satisfied with their advice as I was in search for some scientific and systematic treatment. In my search for a proper solution, I landed at Vardan.

Here, I met the therapists and was told the gap in the knee joint cannot be changed through exercises but with proper and regular exercises, the knee pain can be arrested. Since then, I have been visiting Vardan and regularly exercising for three times a week. Due to these exercises my knee pain is dormant. Apart, from the knee, my therapists have been focussing on strengthening my all muscles and improving my flexibility. I have found that the therapist here at Vardan to be very knowledgeable, experienced, sincere and hardworking.

Today, I am able to walk and climb the stairs faster than people of my age which is thanks to Vardan

Indeevar Krishna

For a golfer I am "extremely stiff", and blessed with pains in one or both knees, and/or lower back, ankle, neck, over the last one year, affecting my game and my overall ability to walk and run. I trusted a good friend's advice and enrolled at VARDAN. I have been undergoing treatment for the last two months, for my left knee and lower back. For the first time I am "relaxed" about my body movements. I am more fluid and flexible now, and "not afraid" of doing exercises that once were impossible to do. I have already played two rounds of limited golf, while the treatment is on, and delighted to see that the improvement is "sustainable". I have had an inguinal hernia operation two years back, but Dr Swati and team have been careful about the condition during their treatment. A big thanks to them for restoring my hope to return to active sport. While each session is expensive, I understand it is not just a routine physiotherapy. This "functional manual therapy" requires exceptional practical knowledge of the body. For the expertise of specialists like Dr Swati, Dr Sakar, DR Mayank and for the infrastructure and overall service excellence, I think the pricing is appropriate. However, for long term customers, there must be attractive pricing schemes. I also request that you have three days per week at Gurgaon centre.

Thank You Team VARDAN.

Kamal Jeet Gupta

I was beyond impressed with my experience at VARDĀN. I came here with pain in my both knees and a lot of discomfort while walking. I was advised to undergo Knee Replacement by Doctor but I was delighted by the therapy provided by the therapists at VARDĀN especially, Prashant and Mamta. Therapists at VARDĀN have great knowledge of Anatomy and exercise sciences, and in each session they do a complete assessment to customize the treatment plan at individual level, which has built my trust on the therapists at VARDĀN. I am now able to walk for a longer pain-free duration with better strength in my leg muscles. The overall quality of my life has significantly improved. My heartfelt thanks to Prashant & Mamta for helping me out with a pain-free and efficient living. VARDĀN takes an holistic view of the body & helps us to make it work the way it should

Laxmi Arora

Let me start off by introducing myself I am Laxmi arora, age-62 with no prior experience of taking physio sessions

My journey with VARDĀN started around June 19 and like others I never wanted to continue for long but Aishwarya made sure that I was comfortable in the start and henceforth.

I had extreme knee and back pain from last few years and in a matter of 3-4 weeks Aishwarya's expertise helped reduce my pain. I couldn't praise her enough for all the patience and care (first at VARDĀN and now during online sessions at home). She would always explain what each exercise and movement was for. Right from adjusting my schedule to excellent attention, quality of care was commendable.

Undoubtedly my pain areas were addressed rightly and I feel much better with noticeable improvements. Just wanted to conclude saying thanks to Aishwarya and everyone at VARDĀN. Hopeful of a much longer association.

God bless you for your efforts and attention.

Sheria Irani

I was suffering from lower back pain and knee pain when I came to Vardan. I was unable to climb stairs before I started coming to Vardan. I read the article in the newspaper and was convinced enough to approach Vardan for treatment. I had not undergone any treatment before as I didn’t have faith in what other treatments offered.

My pain was due injuries caused during exercising at the gym. I was diagnosed that my knee, pelvic area and L4 & L5 needed treatment.

My knee was mobilized, muscles of the spine were treated and alignment of the tailbone was corrected. I was taught core strengthening exercises, knee strengthening exercises, exercises of thigh flexibility, correct walking pattern and correct way to exercise in the gym.

Now I have zero pain and have started fully exercising in the gym as well.

Shilpika Bordoloi

Dear Jevene,

I am being treated for my rt knee by Ekta.

The treatment process has been interesting for me. Am a dancer and this pain on my right knee comes up quite often, after a rigorous few days or winter! Initially it was an accident in 2009 that started. So initially in the sessions with Ekta i was taken aback with the pain at the time of treatment. But yes it did feel lighter the very next day. And i think after a few visits finally was that one day when i really felt no pain even in the deep squat. Post that pain-free knee moment! i have had another session. Anyways at the moment the pain is back and i confess that am not being very disciplined with the specific exercises i have been asked to do or maybe i need a bit more treatment.

I think Ekta has been a dedicated Therapist. I like her presence and the energy she carries for the process. She appears involved and all the touching is never uncomfortable. She makes an effort to articulate the treatment and has managed to get a lot of my trust.

As a dancer i think i really like what has happened so far and hope my knee pain will get treated forever. And i wld definitely like to be treated in this process on a regular pace even after knee is solved. Just for a regular alignment check! and i wld be happy to go with Ekta for the same.


Sandeep Nair

My main problem was knee pain – for 3 years – though I also had a backache. Soon it hampered my work. I tried everything from the brief relief of ayurvedic massages and homeopathic pain remedies to crazy naturopathy diets. I got really scared when a doctor wanted to insert a probe in my knee when an MRI was inconclusive!

So, when I read about non-invasive FMT at Vardan, I decided to try even though I didn’t believe it would work. I wasn’t impressed by Mamta’s simple analysis for my pain either – a misalignment in my ankle that affected the shin and muscles. But since I wanted to go to Ladakh (on painkillers if need be!) I gave it a shot.

I had 10 sessions in all, and from the second one, the improvement was dramatic. Other physical therapies rely on heat to relax muscles and relieve pain but FMT gets to the root of the problem to resolve it. My nagging pain is gone. In fact, I told Mamta that I thought of her more than my wife as I trekked in Ladakh pain-free!

Bhavna Rajgariah

My name is Bhavna Rajgarhia, I am 36 years old. I work with my father. I heard about Vardan through my dad. He heard about it from a friend. I have had a problem with my knee and calves. It has persisted for over 10 years.

The last three-four months have been very bad, I have not been able to move. If I moved or even walked around a little bit, my knees would start hurting a lot. The last three-four months, I haven't been able to walk around for even five minutes. The pain was very acute. I went to a lot of general physicians, physiotherapists, orthopedics and all and the scariest part was that nobody was able to diagnose my problem. Everyone would keep saying there isn't a problem and they would just send me back home. So I was very worried and very scared - if you have such acute pain and the doctor is not being able to diagnose it, it gets very scary. Last two-three months I have been teary-eyed all the time and then of course I heard about this place. My dad came here first. He came for about two or three sessions and he was really happy and he suggested I come and I came and I must say that after the first session itself - the therapist was Ekta and she is really sweet and really good I must say - I felt better. In the first session she treated my tailbone. She said that my tailbone had moved a little from its right position and it was pressing on a nerve which was aggravating my knee pain. The primary reason for the knee pain was my muscular pain. So she fixed that tailbone for me and the first session itself I was feeling much better.

The second session, because of some confusion I think, I got a session with Jevene, and she treated my muscles around my calves and thighs and all that and after the second session I was 99% better.

And today which is my last session - my third session - I am feeling absolutely fine. There is no pain. In the last 10 days, I have done everything that could make me deteriorate - I wore heels even though they told me not to, and I went out. They told me to exercise and I didn't exercise properly. And they asked me not to do one more thing which I did again. But still I had no pain. Had I done any of these things prior to coming to Vardan, I would have had acute pain.

This place I would say is like a Godsend for me. I think I should start crying right now. I am feeling fine in just three sessions I have taken an appointment after a month because they want to check me and to make sure that I am doing the exercises and following up on whatever they have asked me to do. It's been great and I want to say a big thank you to Jevene and a big thank you to Ekta and a big thank you to Vardan.

I work with my father. I heard about Vardan through my dad. He heard about it from a friend. I have had a problem with my knee and calves. It has persisted for over 10 years. See for my experience, I don't have a medical understanding of FMT, but from my experience I would say that it is basically a very advanced form of physiotherapy combined with a certain amount of manipulation, because I think the first time what she did with me was manipulation - she was just rubbing the tailbone to get it into the right position. And thereafter, for the other two sessions, she was pressing me to relieve pain in different places. So I think it is a combination of manipulation and very advanced physiotherapy.

Another thing they did for me, which no doctor has done until now was that they corrected my walk. They said; "your walk is your main problem. You are not walking from your hip you are putting all the pressure on your knee, which is why you are getting so much pain in your knees". So actually they nailed the source, they treated the source and actually if I do the exercises properly, which I plan to, then I think that I should be fine.

That's why I am done in three sessions - I mean I have had a problem for over 10 years.

Before coming here, I was almost bedridden. Like I didn't have to rest but I was not walking, I couldn't walk even 10 steps. I was going to work etc, but I was not moving at all. But now I am leading an absolutely normal life. I am going to work, I am going to work out, I am going out at night - so it has made a whole lot of difference. I would say from having a lot of pain, today I am pain free. I still have to work on my muscles and strengthen them before I can do anything that I want to - because I would love to do a workout class, which she has told me not to do right now - but I am now from being in a lot of pain to being pain free actually. It's really helped me, this place. I would recommend it to everybody. Get in here and get yourself fixed.

Siddharth Lohia

I had right ankle and bilateral knee pain, and was limited in my use of stairs. I consulted doctors in 3 different continents who suggested various medicines, surgeries etc. but I felt no benefit. My doctor in India referred me to Vardan. I went through their website and decided to give FMT a chance.

I felt the difference right from the first session. My initial assessment showed various mechanical restrictions along both knees, extending down to the foot and ankle complex; the cuboid of the right ankle was of primary importance. My joint mechanics have been restored to at least 90% mobility through FMT, which has significantly improved my ability to perform everyday functional activities such as stairs and exercises.

As my legs improved I noticed some limitations in my back and neck, which were making it difficult to travel for long periods of time. FMT has given me significant gains in those areas as well.
I come for my sessions from Kanpur, but my treatment has been so fruitful that I am more than happy doing so!

Capt. Umesh Mehta

Only in five sessions with Anshul, I am so glad that I am in a position to do my daily activities without much pain which once seemed to be impossible.

P D Vaid

I had problem in both my knees for the last 18 years. Left knee was badly damaged and as a result of that part of the bone damaged was lying inside. It was detected as a osteophytes inside the knee during an MRI was taken. The intensity of pain can well be imagined. The broken part of that bone was extracted during an operation but the pain still persisted. I learnt about Vardan through an advertisement and enrolled myself. After a few sessions of FMT by Shruti the pain started reducing dramatically. I was doing few exercises recommended to do at home, rigorously without fail. It all helped me in avoiding the operation for knee replacement for which I almost decided at the time of coming to Vardan. The credit of relief to my acute pain goes to the dedicate efforts of Shruti the PT in particular and Vardan in general.

Specific benefits I had at Vardan

  1. Never even had to take any pill for pain relief.
  2. Was unable to bend on knees to begin with but now able to squad
  3. Relief from locking of joints during sleep resulting into sleep disorders
  4. Better metabolism due to the exercise schedules which have become part of my daily routines
  5. Feel no need of wearing knee caps which I was using for the last 8-9 years

P D Vaid
Age 64
Retiered govt officer

R N Datta

“I was suffering from knee problem from last 12 years and had been consulted with lot of Doctors and all of them had asked me to go for Knee Replacement. I took my first session on 22nd May., 2013 and today was my third session and I can actually feel the difference from therapy. I firmly believe that this place will not let me go for the knee replacement and this treatment will actually create a positive impact in my day-to-day life.”

Urmila Jain

I came to Vardan in 2014.I had fell on road 10years ago due to which I started getting knee pain.I used to get pain all the time.I was advised knee operation to get rid of this pain.Few years after my accident my left leg got fractured.I used to limp and walk.I had major difficulty in walking.But all the credit goes to Vardan they with the help of FMT therapy fixed my knee problem completely.That was like a blessing to me.I had no pain in my knee anymore.Now im doing good since last few months.But I come to Vardan once in a while to keep my progress in touch.I would suggest people of my age to take these treatment from Vardan as at our age it is difficult to recover.We can only depend on medication but with FMT you can feel confident even at this age.

Mukesh Bansal

I have been coming here since Aug 1;13. Dr Heath Matthew had referred me here in Vardan. The physiotherapist here are very good and they analysed bio-mechanics and walking patters in a very deep manner. The FMT has also helped me most of the times. They have also taught me many exercises ( Which are the point and target the right muscles ). I am really impressed the way they teach me various exercises. These are very simple but very very effective in helping me to walk.
The pain in both of my right as well as left knee has decreased by almost 30%. When I came here, I was able to walk for just 300mts a day but currently I can walk till 800 mts a day.

Thanks to Dr Jevene and Dr Jatin