Sima Das Sharma

I started coming to VARDĀN with critical back pain which was well treated at VARDĀN. Now I come for treatment in my knee. I have osteoarthritis and have been suggested medicines by the doctors. Post treatment at VARDĀN my medicines have stopped and knee pain is almost gone. Thanks to VARDĀN for really affecting our lives in such positive manner through their amazing services and treatment.

Sonia Khanna

I came to Vardan 6 weeks ago. Reading their article in the newspaper.I had lot of issue in my body ie pain in knee,hip,Wrist movement and ankle. Most of it happened due to wrong yoga exercises.Before coming here I used to feel frustrated was not able to do any yoga exercises due to pain in these parts of body.FMT therapy sessions has miracusly worked on my pain areas post which I have I believe in Vardan has increased. Changes happening in my body pain are proof of their achievement. They also worked on my posture correction.I find this very sensible and related to my treatment which no other doctor could locate. I like the intervention of CFMT’s during difficult sessions.Their way of treatment has made me locate the right reason for my problem.

Suma Shirur

I have been in the profession for 18 years, and after an injury last year I got a backache that just grew and grew. It hurt specially when I trained so I took a break from shooting, and even exercising. I went to other physical therapists, but their treatment helped only a little as the pain would return the moment I took up my rifle and got into position. It was clearly specific to my profession as there was no pain at other times. I got depressed as I thought my shooting career was over.

Then I heard about Vardan from a fellow Olympian. As you know, every sport has its own dangers. FM therapists told me the pain was due to misalignment and pressure on my vertebrae, triggered by my injury. It got aggravated when I got into my posture as the rifle is 5.5kg and we train up to 4 hours at a time! Initially even with FMT the pain would return, but slowly I could stand longer and take more shots. FM therapy, I realize is very specific, from analysis to treatment.

My therapist identified the exact spot on my back without even an X-ray – using just his hands – and treated it at its root! During and after my 12 sessions he gave me very specific exercises for particular areas to gradually strengthen my muscles and improve my posture. Now that I am pain-free, my head is clear, I feel so much more positive about my career – no question of quitting any more – and my whole life. And I am so happy that I didn’t have to go abroad for this treatment!

Sumit Singh

I have an immense pleasure to share my experience and feedback with you. It all started when suddenly, I started having back pain in the month of March, 2018. Initially, I thought it be normal as I was regularly going to gym. However, with the passage of time it got even worse, that I even couldn't properly walk and sleep. On one of my friend's recommendation I started taking therapy in one of the spine centre located in Delhi. I continued going there for about 2-3 months but all went in vain as nothing improved substantially. My weight at the time of suffering back pain was about 63kgs and during this period I put on around 20kgs, for the reason, that I couldn't do exercise. Honestly, my back pain not only put a physical restraint on me ,but I started suffering mentally as well. Three- four days before coming to your clinic I had severe back and neck pain which effected my right leg and I had to go to work putting bandage on my leg. Looking to my condition my colleague suggested me to see your clinic once. On next day I took an appointment and came to VARDAN. I must appreciate that I have never experienced  a medical facility as warm, caring, polite and professional.

My appointment was confirmed with Swati and I was extremely keen to know what method your clinic adopts for treatment of back pain as I had  already taken therapy sessions. On that day I had detailed discussion with Swati in regard to my problem, she heard it with extreme care and patience and noted down everything which I told her and had a glance at my medical reports. Then she gave me treatment on my neck after evaluating my body posture and alignment. And she also discussed about my sleeping position, which I was doing in totally wrong way. She explained me how to maintain posture while sleeping which obviously I followed.

To my surprise, pain was gone at the instant, when I woke up next morning. It was not less than a magic for me who was suffering from pain for the last so many months. However, the pain was still going to my right leg. I explained Swati about it and on my subsequent visits, she corrected my sitting habits ,now my leg pain is also almost gone.

At the time of writing this feedback it is just 8 sessions into my recovery. I have been benefited considerably in a short period of time. The whole credit goes to Swati ji who understands the problem and accordingly move into the right direction which certainly yield results.

I highly recommend your centre for back and  neck pain which has such a vast experience in the field with highly qualified physiotherapist. I wish Swati every success in life.

Tara Vaswani

I came to VARDĀN in 2012 when I was completely bed ridden and could only walk around with hand stick due to severe back pain. My back was tilted and I couldn’t even step forward. I was not comfortable for working on equipments. However, in 2015 when my doctor suggested me knee replacement surgery VARDĀN worked on building strength in me and prepared me for surgery. Post my surgery in April 2015 I took FMT sessions at VARDĀN for pain management post surgery. Today I feel confident to walk and do all kinds of equipment based exercises. I am able to do everything without hand stick. I am happy to have recovered from knee pain completely because of VARDĀN.

Vivek Jain

This is my first experience with FMT and to my surprise my years long back pain is relieved without help of any sophisticated machines. This itself is a proof for the quality of therapists available at the centre. Thanks for all the help.

Yulia Mendes

I had about 3-4 sessions in VARDĀN with Jasroop regarding a severe lower back issue I’ve had since a while now. The outcome – Suuuuuuuperb!

The pain is very minimal and I am much better now due to the treatment and exercise I was advised by him. I had consulted several doctors before this (one of my x-rays had shown degeneration of my L1). My boss Russell Fernandes had also taken treatment from VARDĀN, and had advised me to do so too.

VARDĀN has been very helpful in improving my health condition. The manner of treatment is exceptionally satisfactory than a few others I have tried. And I personally know I have found the right kind of treatment in VARDĀN.