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Live efficient at home

Live efficient @ Home

VARDĀN can help you deal with chronic body pain while you are within the comfort of your homes by bringing therapeutic exercises to you virtually.

  • Alleviate chronic body pain for an efficient lifestlye
  • Virtual consultations from our Functional Manual Therapist
  • COVID-safe therapeutic exercise sessions at home
Get Healthy with VARDĀN

Get Healthy with VARDĀN

It is essential to maintain presence of mind in the midst of surrounding chaos and uncertainty. Experience inner calm with VARDĀN's online sessions of Yoga, Mindfulness and Pilates.

  • Maintain tranquillity and presence of mind amdist chaos
  • Online yoga & mindfulness sessions with Yogacharya Surakshit Goswami, a renowned yoga & spiritual master. He is the first MA, PhD in Yoga in India.
  • Body fitness with virtual Pilates sessions
Being Fit at Work

Being Fit @ Work

Posture related aches & pains can increase with long hours at a sitting, travelling or a standing job. Overcome your condition with VARDĀN's numerous strategies on posture ergonomics and pain management (specifically recommended for corporates).

  • Optimise your work performance without limitations
  • Virtual consultations and workshops on ergonomics strategies and pain management
  • Fitness and Mindfulness sessions to maintain all-round focus
Being Fit at Work


Good health of lungs is crucial for all: those suffering from COVID, those recovering & all those who want to keep their lungs congestion free. Know how to maintain lung elasticity, capacity and improve oxygen levels with exercises.

  • Virtual sessions with a Functional manual therapist providing customised chest physiotherapy exercises.
  • Session entails breathing exercises, appropriate body positioning, chest mobility and strengthening aimed to help with recovery during & after COVID.